Who will win the Confederations Cup? Tournament favorites and forecast

Who will win the Confederations Cup? Tournament favorites and forecast
Maracanã will host the final of the Confederations Cup.

This Saturday begins the ninth edition of the Confederations Cup. Biannual, triannual or every four years as at present, The truth is that this competition is the starting point of the World Cup that is usually played the following year. Prepare facilities, accommodating spectators and presenting to the world the stadiums where the world phase will be played next year are some of the objectives of a tournament that little by little is gaining prestige and name.

This edition, as almost everyone already knows, will be held in Brazil from 15 al 30 of June. 15 exciting days where the eight teams present will fight to win a cursed cup for the winner, since there is a curse that indicates that whoever wins it, does not get the World Cup. True or not, At Hanging for Soccer we present the eight teams and make our bet with our team of experts:

Brazil aspires to win the Confederations Cup.
Brazil aspires to win the Confederations Cup.

Group A:

Brazil: la anfitriona, one of the big favorites by name and player roster. Hulk, Neymar, Oscar, Alves, and so many other famous. Touch selection with too many problems. Many constellation of stars together, maybe too many. A reluctant coach “Beautiful game” that they like so much in Brazil and a thick and too slow game. Has beaten France 3-0 recientemente, but I must confess that I see her eliminated before the final. It will be the great disappointment and beware that there is not a “maracanazo” in semi-finals, if it arrives. Y si no, al tiempo.

Italia: the usual with the usual. There are Balotelli and El Shaarawy to score goals up, but also the classics Pirlo, Buffon, Chiellini, Gilardino and Monteolivo. They will play to win, how is the identity seal of César Prandelli, unlike the classic catenaccio. Will be appreciated, above all, if it is also able to accommodate Giovincio with full freedom of movement. Will win the tournament, if the first round passes, which will cost you a lot.

Mexico: Olympic champion, It is a dream team with players of the stature of Andrés Guardado, Chicharito, Giovani Dos Santos, Torrid or Salcido. Are good, they know it and they have nothing to fear from Brazil or Italy, with which you can compete from you to you without problems. Sincerely, I don't see him losing to Italy or Brazil, although I have doubts that valuable points are not left with Japan.

Japan: what of all the years. Soggy, restless, workers, sacrificados, but no level to win an important appointment. Don't fall for false fallacies. Many analysts say they are good, but they are not so much. The sad but true reality, is that most have not followed them more than three games. Kagawa and Honda will carry the handles of a team that hardly wins a game.

Spain and Uruguay are favorites of group B.
Spain and Uruguay are favorites of group B.

B Group:

Spain: the world and european champion. A soccer machine, with two problems: the lack of aim at times and a slow game at specific moments. Out of it, has it all. The best goalkeepers, defensas, medios, and forwards. Yes, because even if their 9, few can boast of having Soldier, Villa, Torres in their ranks and Llorente or Negredo out of the list. Un equipazo, the great favorite.

Uruguay: in low hours due to his difficult fight to enter the World Cup 2014, the celestial ones are the typical selection that never makes noise, but it is always present and on many occasions in the final rounds. Campeona de la Copa América 2011 and a semifinalist in the World 2010, they are not trusted much, as usual, but they sure don't disappoint. Cavani, Luis Suárez and a solid defense make a tough team, very hard. Semifinalist is your place.

Nigeria: Olympic champion in Atlanta 96 and the last Africa Cup as always they will base everything on their physical game. Strength and speed have, but they lack two fundamental aspects in football of the highest competition: quality up because they generate many chances but do not convert a high percentage of them and defensive rigor. The tactic is still the facet to be improved by “the Green Eagles”. He will fall in the first round giving war. Obi Mikel his star, but watch out for ujah, a bullet.

Tahiti: is lazy, Yeah, but not as much as it seems. They want to play soccer, but obviously they have limitations due to the quality of some of their players. But beware, they are fast, ready and well structured in defense. Australia was not there, cierto, but they have gotten as the best in Oceania and that's for something, in addition to the lack of competitiveness. Varama Marihua is the great star, and also, the only professional in the team. To make matters worse, will debut.

Who will be the star of the Confederations Cup?
Who will be the star of the Confederations Cup?


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