Real Madrid 1- Manchester United 1: Old Trafford will sentence

Real Madrid 1- Manchester United 1: Old Trafford will sentence
Real Madrid 1- Manchester United 1: Old Trafford will sentence

Real Madrid and Manchester United equalized 1-1 at the Santiago Bernabéu after a vibrant game, which leaves everything open for the knockout round of the Champions League to be decided on 5 March at Old Trafford. the two goals, scored by Danny Welbeck and Cristiano Ronaldo, they arrived in a great first part from Real Madrid, who was far superior to his rival but forgave. The second slowed down a bit, Madrid continued to surround the area of ​​a brilliant De Gea but Van Persie forgave very clear chances for United to even dream of victory.

It was a great Real Madrid in the first 45 minutes If the break came with a draw 1-1 It was because in football there is the factor of chance. or the hit, as desired. All this was missing for the white team and Manchester United had plenty. In the first eight minutes, the white team added five dangerous shots, including a shot at the post by Fabio Coentrão. Manchester United helped him. played very long, broken, with a lot of distance between lines, with Rooney more focused on defensive tasks and with Van Persie very alone in attack.

Supported in the displacements of Xabi Alonso, the courage of Angel Di María and the cannon of Cristiano Ronaldo, the local team showed its best face. But in the Champions League concessions are very expensive, either offensive or defensive. Manchester United scored with their first shot, that came on the simplest occasion since football is football. It happened at 20 minutes, with a corner kick. Rooney threw, Sergio Ramos was soft on the mark and Welbeck scored with an elastic neck turn.

But Real Madrid looked for its shield and found character. He did not give up and continued to find the paths that his rival opened for him. The only thing that made their fans desperate is seeing so many wasted arrivals. Although Cristiano Ronaldo always remains. The Portuguese achieved the tie after half an hour. It was in a center flown by Di María that the white star hunted hanging from a cloud. Sensational basket, sensational goal. Real Madrid continued to be better until the end of the first half, adding another five dangerous shots, although United also appeared in a couple of counterattacks. The Bernabéu received the break with a bittersweet feeling: saw a great Real Madrid, but a bad result.

The second part was different, mainly because of the new English proposal. Sir Alex Ferguson ordered his boys to huddle back and abandon any attempt at pressure.. It is an approach that Real Madrid usually choke on, who finds it difficult to administer patience to their circulation. But since Manchester United invited him to play near the area, the white team accepted the proposal. And he was able to get ahead of the 61 minutes with a shot by Coentrão and a lucky intervention by the Spanish David de Gea, the best of his with Welbeck.

The passing of the minutes was a burden for Real Madrid, both physically and mentally. Manchester United did not go through too many troubles and, especially, was strengthened by its good result. And when United appeared, they did it to bite. To the 72 minutes Van Persie appeared with a double chance. First, He shot for Diego López to deflect the post. And in the next play, Xabi Alonso took another shot from the Dutchman under the sticks. There was Manchester United.

José Mourinho understood that the game required the presence of a player with a pass and he put Luka Modric on the field to play the last 15 minutes. But neither did Real Madrid find clarity. The match faded away and Diego López saved the tie that left the tie completely open, with a brilliant glove on Van Persie's shot inside the area. Real Madrid had it in their hands in the first and Van Persie was able to solve it in the second. Old Trafford will sentence.

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