Roberto “Condor” Rojas, waiting for a liver transplant

Roberto “Condor” Rojas, waiting for a liver transplant
Roberto "Condor" Rojas, waiting for a liver transplant

The former goalkeeper of the Chilean team is in a delicate health situation, Roberto Condor Rojas. In discussion with the Chilean chain DigitalFM from Sao Paulo, said he has Hepatitis C.

“I am waiting for a liver transplant. He grabbed my liver and the doctors think that with a transplant it is definitely solved”, told in the interview. “The line runs every day but they give priority to people who are serious. My condition, Inside the gravity, it's average. I have felt good in every way and it will be when God wants”, he added.

Rojas said that he has had difficult moments, but that the main concern was lived a while ago. “The disease itself I have balanced thanks to the experience of doctors. I had a lot of fluid in my body. I had a mini surgery to remove 11 liters of water from my stomach. It was the most difficult moment of my illness”, counted.

The former archery coach has been unable to continue training and said that “the physical part does not allow me to work. I have to have a stable body to avoid an imbalance”. This difficulty is not less, because it must pay for an expensive treatment that includes the purchase of medicines in the United States.

The former goalkeeper also took time to praise the triumphs of Huachipato and the U in his cupboard premieres.. “I hope they keep what they did on the first date. For me it was a great surprise what Huachipato has done to beat Gremio who was the great favorite. And the U that has been doing a great job for three or four years. I hope you continue on that path and have good results”.

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