Rubén Blanco: Celta goalkeeper youth becomes a hero by accident

Rubén Blanco: Celta goalkeeper youth becomes a hero by accident

Rubén Blanco youth goalkeeper of Celta de Vigo becomes the hero of the League with only 17 years. There are stories that seem made only for sports movies, but what happens in real life. That could be applied to the story of Rubén Blanco, a boy born a 25 July 1995 and who has not yet come of age.

The 28 of March, Sergio Álvarez second goalkeeper of Celta was injured, what forced the juvenile, protagonist of this story to occupy the position of substitute goalkeeper. Last week Javi Varas starting goalkeeper fell seriously injured in his elbow. Celta de Vigo was risking his life although he was practically evicted and relegated to Second.

The Vigo team won against all odds by 0 a 2 and our protagonist had an outstanding performance. Victim of emotion, could not hold out at the end of the game and burst into tears. I was a child making history. He had also become the youngest goalkeeper to debut in First.

The results of the day had accompanied the whole of Balaídos who reached the last day alive but depending on a carom and the defeat of his eternal rival, macabre coincidences of life. All this he did in the hands of a boy who faced the greatest challenge of his short life.

The rest of the story happened last night. Four teams were risking their lives, there could only be one left and in the end it was Celta de Vigo. The eternal rival, Deportivo depended on itself but could not with Real. Zaragoza and Mallorca went to the well and Celta knocked down Espanyol thanks in large part to the stops of a youth who last night touched the glory.

One after another, Rubén Blanco was saving chances. He can't even drive a car but last night he looked like a veteran. At the end of the match, with the accomplished feat, the fans carried their new hero on their shoulders, to his new future but also present, his hero by accident. Al “little man” that made Vigo smile last night.

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