Russia: defensive strength and tactical order

Russia:  defensive strength and tactical order

Absent from the last two World Cups, the Russian team returns through the big door, and fortunately for them it is the only one who will be able to enjoy their ticket for 2018 when the World Cup ends 2014 it will replace Brazil as host. After condemning Portugal to play a fateful play-off, the Russians were framed in a group the less affordable. With Algeria, South Korea and Belgium as traveling companions, Fabio Capello's team aspires to sneak between the 16 countries that play the round of 16, something that has not been achieved since the World Cup in Mexico in a distant past 1986.

Throughout the qualifying round they lowered their performance away from Moscow. It was understandable to lose in Portugal (1-0) , however surprisingly they also played in Northern Ireland (1-0) and Azerbaijan (1-1). Nevertheless, these were the only points left by the way, The rest of the games were counted by victories, relegating the "favorite" and irregular Portugal to a second place that forced them to play it in the dreaded play-off..

Anecdotally, we will review that all the players that make up the Russian team come curiously from the local league and therefore from their national clubs.. The only one who could break this data is the sevillista Denis Cheryshev, but unfortunately he has few options to be summoned since the injuries, they have been primed throughout the year with the white canterano. We cannot find this peculiarity in any other team that will play the World Cup..

Russia qualified as the best in their group.
Russia qualified as the best in their group.


  • Defensive fortress: all the teams that have passed through the hands of the Italian Fabio Capello have as a virtue his strong defense. Virtually impassable, more than defenses they look like soldiers led by "the sergeant" from the bench. During the 10 qualifying matches, his goalkeeper only had to collect the ball from inside his goal in 5 occasions. Fit 1 goal every 2 parties,which indicates that more than possibly we are facing one of the strongest defensive teams in the championship.
  • Tactical order: as if that were not enough its defensive power, we must add a positioning on the bright field. Each player has their role and place on the pitch mechanized. Few teams execute coverage and aid like the Russians, and rarely does a player lose position on the pitch. They are meticulous and perfectionists to the limit with strategy plays, and they know how to take full advantage of the large number of tall players they have.

Weak points:

  • Complicated climatological adaptation: Russia and Brazil have little or nothing in common demographically speaking. The main obstacle facing the Russian team will be the high temperatures. On the land of the Tsars, it is more likely to see a match played on snow than to 35 degrees Celsius.
  • They don't have men like Mostovoi or Karpin: Not a long time ago, Russia enjoyed a generation with tremendous quality, vision of the game and a lot of goal. Currently none of these virtues stands out among the staff, and rather they have problems to carry the weight of the parties. Lack of creation and technique, especially after Arshavin's absence.
  • UN sanction: It seems unthinkable that there are few 30 days may come to pass, But the United Nations Organization has already warned that at any time a harsh sanction may arrive that prevents Russia from playing the World Cup due to the crisis in Ukraine. Precedents exist, so that in 1992 Yugoslavia was excluded from the Eurocup that year as a result of the Balkan war. Israel would come to the detriment of the Russians, although we repeat, frankly it seems unlikely.
  • Cross with morbid: if the Russian team manages to get into the round of 16, more than likely will have a party with a lot of morbid. Good Portugal, waiting to get revenge on the russians, O well, Germany, with the terrible political crisis hovering over the heads of Merkel and Putin. In both cases, everything seems to indicate that the Russians are clearly inferior..




Italian Fabio Capello will lead Russia.
Fabio Capello will direct Russia.

He assumed the position of Russian coach in 2012, when a few months before he had resigned as an English coach. His record shines by itself with Leagues in Italy and Spain, highlighting above all his titles the Champions League achieved with Milan in 1994. An old school coach, Crossed out on many occasions as ultra-defensive but who is endorsed by the titles. The sergeant's teams are characterized by their solidity and style. As a player he was a limited defensive midfielder, but serious and compliant, and Russia looks like an extension of their coach on the field. A block where the few individuals contribute to the collective work. Much and very good work done by Fabio in these two years with a group that nobody trusted.


Rooms classified in 1966(como USSR)

Third in the European Championship in Austria and Switzerland in 2008.

They currently hold the position 18 del ranking FIFA.

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