First Saudi summoned for a game of Laliga

First Saudi summoned for a game of Laliga
The Arab players arrived in the League a few months ago, pose with the jerseys of their respective teams

Finally seems one of the Saudis arrived a few months ago could have his chance Laliga. After several months living with their peers in their respective teams without having any opportunity, it seems that tomorrow could be the day.

Fahad Al-Muwallad, player in the ranks Levante, He has entered first in a call for 18 for the important match tomorrow will face granota set and Las Palmas, vital in the struggle for permanence.

The player from the Al-Itihad, idol in his country since he was the author of the goal that qualified to Saudi Arabia for the next World Cup, It could be the first to have minutes in the Spanish domestic competition. moment, as a minimum, you will see the game from the bench and not from the stands as had been usual.

Fahad could be the first Arab player who has a chance at Laliga (Photo:


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