Sergio Ballesteros strong: Levante captain is not sold

Sergio Ballesteros strong: Levante captain is not sold

Levante captain is not sold, I signed my first professional contract at 18 years with this club and I will be here until I retire. This is how forceful Sergio Ballesteros, Levante player, was shown after appearing today at a press conference, a press conference that was expected for a few weeks, when Ballesteros' name was implicated in the alleged match-fixing scandal for bets, after the confrontation between the Granotas and Deportivo.

“I don't bet” to which he added: “We must fight for cleanliness in the world of football, but what cannot be done is to use Levante for it” Ballesteros commented on the repeated statements by the president of the LFP, Javier Tebas, who hinted at the possibility that the match was rigged for a betting issue.

When asked why he was accused of Barkero, Levante captain commented “Barkero has not been able to explain to me why he accused me” while not ruling out taking legal action against his partner. “I will clear my name. The matter is in the hands of my lawyers and I will do everything I can for it”, has declared on the subject.

Juanfran gives Tebas a stick
Juanfran was forceful in his press conference

Regarding his possible continuity or not in the club, Ballesteros noted: “My idea is to continue. With Barkero? That's not up to me to decide”. Para acabar el capitán del Levante afirmó que pone las dos manos y los dos pies en el fuego por la plantilla y por sus compañeros acusados y que le comunicó a JIM estar moralmente hundido para jugar. El jugador ha declarado haber pasado dos semanas donde prácticamente no ha podido dormir.

Las declaraciones vienen en la misma linea que las hechas por Juanfran el lunes. Juanfran otro jugador que empezó su carrera en la cantera del Levante como Ballesteros, segundo capitán granota y cuyo nombre también fue manchado mandó un mensaje claro a Tebas. ” No voy a consentir que coja al Levante como conejillo de indias, si tiene pruebas que las saque”.

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