Sergio Ramos, Very hard another man

The man who has recommended Sergio Ballesteros its imminent passage to boxing is one of the toughest players in Spanish football. Camas shares the record with the Valencian Central, It is the 12th most driven man league championship with 11 red in 278 meetings.. Precisely, On this day, without going further assaulted Carles Puyol. It was during the famous 5-0 Barca endorsed him to Madrid in the classic of the season 2010-11, in the final moments of the match, Ramos delivered a brutal kick Messi when driving the ball midfield. When Puyol went to remonstrate action, Madrid defender gave him a slap in the face. Precisely the attitude that berated himself Ramos Ballesteros.

Action with Puyol was not an islet in the career of Ramos, than last season, the visit of Levante at the Bernabeu, He had to be sent off after kicking from behind and without the ball to Asier Del Horno. Precisely, in October 2010, a Levante-Real Madrid in the Ciutat de Valencia, Ramos delivered a brutal entry that ended Levante's player Nacho Gonzalez injured for eight months and would cost no more Levantine dress shirt.

Two weeks later, visited Madrid Vallecas. At that meeting, Ramos added a chapter to move its history of aggression. In this case he elbowed Diego Costa who did not suffer any punishment. And is that the man who recommends boxing Ballesteros, maybe, must be passed to taewkondo. His legs, worth it.

Julio Muñoz

Julio Muñoz

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