Sevilla 0- Levante 0: fair distribution of points

Sevilla and Levante faced each other on the day 10 of the First Division League, the Liga BBVA. On the Pizjuán lawn, two very close teams faced each other in positions, separated by a colon, with an advantage for JIM's azulgranas who were about to attack Nervión's.

Michel repeated up to eight players from the last eleven he formed on Thursday in the Cup, JIM, For his part, he used the rotations in the defeat against Melilla, he put his usual eleven into contention and how well it is working for him in the domestic competition.

The first minutes of the meeting passed without much news , with possession for Sevilla and Levante with their usual game against, but the truth is that the game passed without much news and with a lot of midfield and without any significant occasion.

The players seemed to catch the little atmosphere of Pizjuán, today rarely soulless. In the minute 19, the first play of the game took place, a quick against Sevilla, that was going to end with a shot from Navas outside.

In the minute 23, Juanfran was going to scare after a hard ball in the face, that was going to leave him almost KO. The quick action of the club's doctors, I was going to prevent the scare from reaching more. Fortunately, the thing was going to come to nothing and the brave left back was going to rejoin the game to the applause of the Nervión public.

With the rain falling on Seville, the game reached 30 game minutes without much history, Sevilla continued to keep the ball while Levante did not find any of their usual counterattack options.

The first part, It was going to end without a shot between the three sticks and without much story to tell, with a clear zero to zero. The tone in the second part did not seem to change much, Sevilla continued with possession but without creating any scoring chance for the Granotas, while Levante maintained order and tactical rigor.

The party became boring and without much history, in the minute 75 they were going to see the first shot on goal that Munúa was going to take with a kind of popcorn. The most dangerous arrival was going to arrive in the minute 80 with a shot to the crossbar by Munúa and a subsequent miss at point-blank range by Babá.

End of the match and goalless draw, distribution of points and match without much history.

Alberto Llopis

Alberto Llopis

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