Ten curiosities in the history of the Spanish League (II)

Ten curiosities in the history of the Spanish League (II)
Deportivo de la Coruña won the League in the 2000 with only 69 points. Photo: Brand

He 10 February 1929 the first football match was played in the history of the League. It happened in the field of Sarrià, where Espanyol,  He beats 3-2 Real Union Irun on the first day of the National League Championship season 1928-1929 curiously he began to be played in February for the discrepancy about the teams that were involved. The author of the first goal fue Espanyol José Prats Pitus, man who will be remembered for that fact. Here we have ten curiosities of the history of the Spanish League, part II.

11- Seven seconds was the time it took to score the fastest goal in La Liga. The author was Joseba Llorente in Valladolid- Spanish season 2007-08.

12- 89 goals is the greater goal difference in favor of a championship team. He has the Madrid 11/12.

13-Lleida in the campaign ended with a -93 on goal difference. Evidently, He declined.

14-Deportivo La Coruna won a League 69 points, It is in a league 20 equipment, the lowest score of a champion.

15-Rayo Vallecano is the team with more points have fallen. He did it with 45 in the campaign 1996-97. It is also true that the League was that year 22 equipment instead of 20.

16-Racing, Castellón, Arenas and Celta reached down with only 9 points. Although the leagues were not 20 teams and victories were worth only 2 points.

17- Fourteen are the minimum goals were scored to win the Pichichi, by Garate, Amancio, and Bienzobas.

18-In the season 1949-1950 He lived a tie 6 between Atletico Madrid and Athletic Bilbao.

19-The match was more penalty Oviedo-Valladolid campaign 1995-96 con 6 total.

20-Six expulsions are also a record Espanyol-Barcelona match that same course.

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