Ten curiosities of the history of the Spanish League (I)

Ten curiosities of the history of the Spanish League (I)
RCD Espanyol 1929. Photo: Fuerzaperica.com

The 10 February 1929 the first football match was played in the history of the League. It happened in the field of Sarrià, where the beat Espanyol 3-2 Real Union Irun on the first day of the National League Championship season 1928-1929 curiously he began to be played in February for the discrepancy about the teams that were involved. The author of the first goal fue Espanyol José Prats Pitus, man who will be remembered for that fact. Here we have ten curiosities of the history of the Spanish League, part I.

1- The league began 10-02-1929. The first champion was the FC Barcelona. Oddly enough Real Madrid did not win until the season 1932-1933.

2- As noted José Pitus Prats was the first scorer in the league. Alfonso Olaso, Atletico de Madrid, He was the first player to score a own goal in the league

3- Although 62 different teams have played in the First Division, so far they have only been able to win the tournament nine clubs: Real Madrid C. F, F. C. Barcelona; Club Atlético de Madrid; Athletic Club; Valencia C. F.; Real Sociedad de Fútbol, Real Betis Balompié, Sevilla F. C. y R. C. Deportivo La Coruna.

4- In the season 29-30 porters can be replaced if lesión.En 1965 It is authorizing an alternate to replace a holder, and from 69-70 They can be made for any reason two changes extending it to three decades later.

5- Real Madrid first team to use dorsal 1947 the 23-11-1947 At against. Madrid and from 48-49 it is mandated by the federation.

6-Barcelona and Real Madrid have won more than half of the league disputed. Only Scotland and Egypt overcome such bipolarismo.

7- The team that scored more goals in a season was Real Madrid, in season 2011-12, reached the 121, surpassing its own record 107.

8- In the 95-96 It is authorizing the fixed dorsal, make three changes and victories are worth 3 points.

9- In the campaign 1970-71 cards appear. At first they were white and red.

10- In 1981, Federation authorizes advertising on shirts. Racing de Santander was the first Spanish team to wear advertising on their uniform was in the Real Madrid-Racing 27 from December to 1981.


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