The bench, the electric chair coaches

Dear hanging:

A new weekend, This the last of August, who has given us two very different endings that can not help but notice the four coaches who have witnessed the devenires of their respective teams from their bench. Obviously, I mean the end of the -Chelsea Bayern and Barcelona-Atletico Madrid.

You will wonder because I focus today with the coaches of the four big teams. As well, I keep noticing his movements, in changing its physical aspects and let me say how much they have changed in just a few years. My question, jump spontaneously, How much pressure should suffer than football and from outside the dressing room?.

If we refer to the Tata Martino, little is known of him in the Liga BBVA , but nevertheless, I want to talk about what has been until a month ago his predecessor Tito Vilanova. Looking calm and peaceful, I would almost say the same character and way of being that Martino, but with a terrible disease that has conditioned its continuation on a bench where the demands are so great that can become devastating and unfortunately for him, They have led him to resign as head of which has been in recent years the best team in the world.

As for Cholo Simeone, This is what I most passionate about his claw , his courage and all that mental strength that conveys a group of players eager to titles. A competitive and winning coach gives you the feeling of never crumple, very clear in their answers and their views, aware of what constitutes competition where his team plays. It seems that everything can withstand, but unlike the rest, the feeling it conveys is that no pressure from outside the locker room, He owns his own pressure.

Finally I will discuss the sufridores Pep Guardiola and Jose Mourinho why you will wonder sufridores?. Two people so different from their origins in the world of football, one for being one of the best players in the Spanish football has given, and the other for being the most media coach who currently occupies a bench, his entire career dedicated to assistant coach and coach.

Their lives were united in 1996 until the 2000, They agreed on the FC Barcelona, and then still they could not believe that end up being among the best soccer coaches in the world and still mulling, What coast?.

While questioning its proven high professionalism in their careers, yes not passing unnoticed passing through Barcelona and Real Madrid, What will these dugouts so that one is left without hair and the other with all white hair?, to think of.

We now have a week off and take air, Fortunately we know how templates are profiled teams, because to be lining up not knowing if you'll have a player or another, It should not be easy for coaches.

Sergio Barres

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