The best market football APP

The best market football APP
Efootball, the platform that shows you the work of professional football.


What are the best football app on the market? In a world marked by technology like today, smartphones, They are an essential part in the life of human beings. Virtually everyone, It is in possession of such a device that allows you to perform functions that only a few years ago seemed impossible.

How could it be otherwise, the football world could not ignore it. Sports bets, results for the second, fútbol..las games are of all types and formats. Because, in Colgadosporelfutbol we introduce some of the best football APP that you can download.

Football Quiz

Are you all a connoisseur of football?, Do you think you can guess who it is any player with a pair of tracks? So Football Quiz It's your game. You can enjoy the classic mode where you have more than 150 players from the major leagues as Liga, the first, Serie A or Bundesliga among others, in legend mode which will test your knowledge about legendary players in the history of football and coaches mode where the tracks will aim to discover that mister it is about.

If you like football and you consider yourself an encyclopedia, this is your app. Guess the football player from its trajectory and begins to complete levels available

Download Football Quiz for Android:

football apps on the market
Guess the football player from its trajectory and begins to complete levels available with Football Quiz comes to revolutionize the concept of living the experience of enjoying a live match. The platform that connects all football fans in the world. With a revolutionary concept, club fans host the contractors and create a unique pre-match experience for them, match and post match so that the guest enjoys a truly unique experience.

Sounds interesting right?

You can check more at

football app
Football Host gives you a unique experience at a local stadium. PHOTO:

E football

EFootball is a digital encyclopedia of football you are looking to professionalize amateur football by professionals. In addition it provides an opportunity for users to share their own videos where they share the same platform as Manuel Pellegrini coaches and Miguel Angel Russo and others.

Users can find videos of tactical fixed, defensive and offensive organization, counter attacks, repliegues, including different types of exercises. Furthermore you can find chats where exponents speak of leadership, group management, successes and failures, models games, among others.

Already they have more than 5000 registered users and have recently launched their new APP (Available for Android and iOS) where in addition to see large training coaches worldwide, They begin to share fitness videos, medicine, sports psychology, preparation of gatekeepers, among other new areas add hereinafter.

football app
Efootball, the app that takes you show the work of professional football.

The new APP allows for free see some of the training videos and to create and share own training users through a whiteboard very easy to use. And if you want to have full access to more than 250 videos are already online will only cost you less than 2 euros per month. The platform, also, It is in several languages ​​such as Spanish, English and Chinese.

Bets Strategy

In this app you can learn strategies for sports betting that are more triumphing in the world of online betting. Bets Strategy set your strategy for responsible gaming and, especially, to have fun. The app is translated into 6 languages ​​and also, It offers the best odds bets daily drawn from the best analyzes and experts in sports betting. Another advantage you can find in the app is the ability to access bonuses of different bookmakers.

Descarga Bets Strategy para Android: = com.todoappsradios.pronosticosapuestas

La app de Bets Strategy


Supercoach is designed for soccer coaches around the world, who they want to help their best players conditions. This application contains a lot of practical exercises as designed for players ages 5 a 15 años.Todas tasks come with detailed instructions to simplify their explanation video players.

You can download Android:

You can download it from App Store :

The app Supercoach, a place where you can find all kinds exercises.

Wosti Football TV

Sure it ever happened to you, you wanted to watch a game but did not know what channel did and you've gone crazy to find. Well Wosti Football TV It is the app that solves this problem. The best guide televised matches in a single click on your smartphone. You can find where televised La Liga matches, Champions, Premier League, Bundesliga, Serie A but also other sporting events such as the ACB, NBA, EuroLeague, MotoGP, Formula 1, LNFS, Roland Garros or Wimbledon among others.

Football TV Wosti download for Android:

Wosti download Football for Apple TV:

Wosti TV football among the best football app
Wosti Football TV, the app where you will find the best guide televised football.

the Quinielista

Surely you've ever done a pool What if? Well now you can do it online and number app 1 for this is The Quinielista of Eduardo Losilla. An application where you can find all the information to optimize your pool. Between them: evolutions of equipment, best combined, historical results, multiple bets, percentages, schedules and much more. Do not hesitate, If you're a lover of the pool, this is your app.

Download Quinielista for Apple:
Quinielista download for Android: = net.ilimit.quinielista

The best football app for download
the Quinielista, the app 1 number for online betting.

Skores, Live football results

One of the best applications to follow the live scores of your favorite teams in the best way, Where you want, with a single click from your mobile phone. Skores It is very comprehensive covering more than 1000 sports competitions in the world and in real time. Get instant notifications, with customizable alerts for not miss any goal or result of the teams you want.

Download Skores in: =

the best market football app
Skores, one of the best app market outcomes


What if you could choose between multiple games where you play? As possible. Throwing penalties and free kicks 3D, play games with the most famous characters from Cartoon Network or futvoley home match with famous player you want at your fingertips . All this and much more

You can try them all in:

football app 2019
Juegosjuegos, where you can find many football games


Betsim It is an app that gives the user the option to simulate sports betting in various sports like football, basketball, tennis, rugby and the e-sports sports events etc.. The users, They have at their disposal Bycoins, a virtual currency which can then be exchanged for prizes. No bets with real coins are made and the app is a free download.

Bets on Download:

To view and redeem awards Betsim here:

Betsim, an app to simulate sports betting
Betsim, the app that lets you simulate sports betting.

Final Kick

Have you ever imagined scoring the decisive penalty from your computer?, Well stop imagining because thanks to Final Kick you can at least emulate. this APP, simulates the shoot with a simply spectacular graphics for an application. Perfect your shot, think about where you want to place the ball, thrown with, the opposite side of goalkeeper, all with your finger.

You can also porter and make the stop of the century. Shooting physics and graphics, They are very good and you can enjoy repetition from all angles. A soccer game in which you can enjoy on the application of Final Kick. further, ease of controls, very intuitive, make you can enjoy the game without any complication or problem.

But the best of the game certainly apart from the excellent performance presents, It is the power to sting you with your colleagues or against anyone in real-time multiplayer. With Final Kick you can take a quick round of penalty kicks with your colleagues to prove who is the best. The pique is served. It's available for Android and Apple.

Final Kick Download for iOS:
Descarg Final Kick Android:

My markers

One of the most popular applications to track the outcome you want. Live Scores have any professional football game of any country in the world, even the most remote but not all. If you want to know live the result of another sport, My markers are you APP. You can follow live from a game of basketball, tennis, hockey or badminton handball to one, cricket through waterpolo or other sports like MMA or throwing darts among others.

My Bookmarks interface for both Android and iOS is smooth and intuitive.
My Bookmarks interface for both Android and iOS is smooth and intuitive.

My Bookmarks is ideal if you like to bet to know at all times the result you want. The application also has a file so that you consult any result you want to remember and always updated rankings. Also it offers the 'My Games' feature, by which they can be followed exclusively the favorite games of one or more sports at the same time (with push notifications).

Download for Android My Bookmarks (FREE):
Download My Bookmarks iOS (FREE):
Discover the mobile offering

Goles Messenger

Goles Messenger It is one of the most used applications football network. In this APP you can have all the goals, results, lineups, betting odds….you can even customize the sound of your favorite goal which team you will be informed instantly. It is an easy and intuitive application to follow the matches of your team and major leagues in Europe.

Goals Download Messenger for Android: =

Goals download Messenger for iOS:

William Hill

William Hill is one of the best bookmakers market and so you can bet from anywhere, It has one of the best app. Dues, live betting, closing betting…all just a click from your smartphone.

Descarga app de William Hill para Android:

the best market football app
The app William Hill to bet from anywhere.


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