The biggest stadiums in Colombia

The biggest stadiums in Colombia
The Colossus of Palmaseca. The house Deportivo Cali. PHOTO: Twitter

What are the biggest stadiums in Colombia? Hanged for football in their quest to meet many of the curiosities of this sport fixes his gaze on the beautiful coffee country, where football is lived with passion and exuberance, out of the ordinary. Colombia is certainly full of contrasts but football definitely territory covers all parts of its geography.

Because, in Colgados as we always waling around the world to enumerate those are the five courts, fields, stadiums or whatever you call them larger Colombia. Genuine pressure cookers that are often in lists such as the Hottest Latin America.

These are the five biggest stadiums in Colombia

1-Deportivo Cali Stadium or Palmaseca (Deportivo Cali, Cali, 55.000 viewers)

deportivo Cali

2-Metropolitano Roberto Melendez stadium (Atletico Junior, Colombian national team, Barranquilla, 50.000 viewers)


Colombia's largest stadiums
Roberto Melendez Metropolitan Stadium PHOTO: Twitter

3-Atanasio Girardot (Independiente Medellin, National Athletic, Medellin, 48.500 viewers)

4-General Santander (Cúcuta Deportivo, Cucuta, 47.500 viewers)

the biggest stadiums in Colombia
General Santander Stadium

5-Big stick (Once Caldas, Manizales, 43.700 viewers)

the biggest stadiums in Colombia
Palogrande Stadium filled to the brim. PHOTO: Twitter
Alberto Llopis

Alberto Llopis

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