Soccer teams in the world with more partners

Soccer teams in the world with more partners
River is one of the football teams with more partners in the world. Photo:

Who are football teams with more partners in the world? In all lists appears the Bayern Munich as the football team with more partners worldwide nearly a 300.000 partners. Specific, 290.000. A figure that places it in front of the ranking with a lot of distance on the second, el Benfica, of the portuguese league, according to this same study it has 184.000 partners.

The list, the complete: another Portuguese club, el Sporting de Lisboa (160.000), Borussia Dortmund (154.000), Schalke 04 (150.000), River Plate (146.000) and Barcelona (145.000). A list that are missing other giants of world football like Juve and Real Madrid among others or the Americas as Boca Juniors, National Athletic, Racing, Flamengo, Botafogo, Corinthians, Chivas, Tigers, America or Peñarol among many others.

football teams more partners in the world
According to a study of the Bundesliga these are football teams in the world with more partners. Photo: Infobae

When we talk about partners, Obviously we are not talking about subscribers, although it seems something is not the same. Here, teams like the Borussia Dortmund, Manchester United and Arsenal also occupy the first places reaching a high percentage of occupation of their stadium for their subscribers. And it is that football, while also dragging feelings and big business partners and subscribers, They form an important part thereof.

In that sense we can also add in modern football, the teams have more followers on social networks, They sell more shirts and enjoy more popularity. For example, these are teams of America's most popular.

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