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The goal that saved a life

The goal that saved a life

You know the dramatic story of the goal that saved a life? Football is certainly a wonderful sport, full of anecdotes and stories as great as this today we want them to have. One of them, that some hung for football must know.

Specific, We want to move to a 30 June 1998, to talk about the goal Javier Zanetti that gave the tie to Argentina against England, but we will not go to the scene of that particular party, but Poland, the city of Szdlowiec.

It happened during the 1998 World Cup in France

Narek Kopaczen, It was the prosecutor in the area and a man of routines and habits. Everyday, He is walking his dog, He supped and took about the same time his car to a police station near his home. The reason for the latter, it was because a criminal gang which was chasing, He had already attacked his vehicle before causing serious damage.

further, the fiscal, had already received threats of all kinds. Nevertheless, He continued his routine and his life trying to be oblivious to this terrible situation, something that could not help that night 1998. Like every day, He went out to walk his dog and sat down to dinner in front of your TV with the particularity that day, in the World France 1998, threw the Argentina-England.

As you know, Batistuta He gave the Argentines and Owen y Shearer They turned him over to the English. Coincidences of life, the first part ended on the time that the prosecutor used to get his car to take him to the police station where he kept.

As often happens in these cases, our hero, and he was about to leave when at the last minute of the first period, Captain Mythical Inter de Milan, Javier Zanetti, He scored the equalizer for Argentina. A goal, that tied the game and it would be vital in the life of Narek Kopaczen who decided to skip your daily routine to see the second part and known as just a game full of emotions.

England and Argentina played a vibrant meeting in France 98.
England and Argentina played a vibrant meeting in France 98.

And it was, while the prosecutor saw the second period quietly in his chair with his wife, he heard a terrible explosion outside his home. To run out and see what happened, He noted that it was his car, had attempt on his life.

Further investigation, He revealed that the bomb had a timer to exploit the time that the prosecutor used to take his vehicle to take him to the police station, the same as it would have done if that goal Javier Zanetti, I had not held on her couch.

Bran thanked his rescuer

Time after, the same Kopeczen, He was instructed to send a letter to Zanetti to thank him thanks to that goal in the last minute that held millions of Argentines, the, still alive and that few sports like football are able to leave such great stories, wonderful and almost impossible. How great is this sport.

With this action, Javier Zanetti saved a life without knowing.
With this action, Javier Zanetti saved a life without saberlo.FOTO: GOOGLE
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Alberto Llopis

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  1. Very good story!
    Awesome, Thanks for football…

    And as we say in these parts:
    The English invented football, but in South America we inject PASSION

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