The all-time record for no-win matches

The all-time record for no-win matches
Levante already has with 27 games in a row without winning, the historical record of LaLiga. PHOTO: EFE

Which is the historical record of matches without winning? The sauce of football is the goals and the victories. If the latter are not achieved, Everything's going wrong. Because winning is the basis of success for a soccer team. That marks winning titles, get rankings for important things or move up. But what happens when losing becomes a habit that is stretched during matches and matches?, months and months? Well, as is obvious, the opposite of the above. Let's remember the teams that made defeat a habit.

The all-time record for no-win matches


The Mexican team holds the absolute record. Nothing more and nothing less than was from the 25 August 2018 until the 29 October 2019. A total of 41 matches of the MX League that is said soon.

Derby County

The English team was 32 matches without winning during the season 2007-08. The streak started on 22 September 2007 and ended the 11 May 2008.

Tasmania Berlin

The defunct German team spliced ​​a terrifying streak of winless matches between the 21 August 1965 al 14 May 1966. A total of 31 matches.


The Portuguese team was from 26 of August 2018 until the 11 May 2019. Total 31 matches without winning.

Schalke 04

German team spliced 1 year without winning in the Bundesliga , of January of 2020 to January 2021. Nothing more and nothing less than 30 matches without winning was the Schalke 04.

Ancona and Varese

The 2 Italian teams were 28 meetings in a row without winning. Ancona was from 1 October 2003 until the 4 April 2004. The Varese for his part was among 1971 Y 1972 without getting a win.

Teams that went the longest without winning

Veracruz-41 matches- 2003/04
Derby County – 32 matches – 2007/08
Schalke 04 – 30 – 2019/21
Ancona – 28 – 2003/04
Varese– 28- 1971/72
Levante OUT-26 -2021 (streak still in effect)
Perugia – 26 – 2002/04
Sporting Gijon-24-1997-98
Hellas Verona – 24 – 2014/16
Arles-Avignon – 23 – 2010/11
Cagliari – 22 – 2004/06
Pescara – 22 – 2016/17
FC Kaiserslautern – 21 – 2011/12
Osasuna – 21 – 2016/17

Streak of matches without knowing the victory in the Spanish League

Sporting Gijon 1997-98

Levante 2021

Levante breaks all records. His streak is still in force as he accumulates 26 matches followed by the League without winning. At the moment he has not won from the 4 April 2021 when he won for 0 a 1 to Eibar on the day 30 it's from the season 2020-21. Until now, accumulate the 8 last games of that season and the 18 first of 21-22 who have condemned him to the well of the table.

Sporting 1997-98 has the honor of being (Until now) the worst team in the history of the League, at least since victories are worth 3 points. He also has the record (so far too) splicing 24 games in a row without winning.

Osasuna 2016-17

The Navarrese team joined in the season 2016-17 nothing more and nothing less than 21 game winless what the descent cost.

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