The ideal weight of a professional footballer and its importance

The ideal weight of a professional footballer and its importance
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The weight and body image of a professional footballer are very important factors not only for the practice of the beautiful game, but for the subscription of advertising contracts. Athletes like Cristiano Ronaldo are the image of prominent brands for their outstanding participation in football and for the physical work they do in their day to day.

The physical condition of every athlete is important for their performance. However, Frequent weighing can be harmful not only for athletes, but for anyone. This is how the person in charge of the segment maintains it Superguapas Personal Care, Eliana perez. "Constantly weighing yourself is associated with eating disorders, problems affecting 7 decade 1.000 women and 1 decade 1.000 mens. Bulimia and anorexia are diseases that begin to manifest themselves from adolescence, and they have negative consequences on people's quality of life ", says the specialist.

In the case of footballers, they maintain a rigid diet to stay in good physical shape. further, training allows the body to remain strong to withstand the rigors of training and high competition. Regarding the ideal weight, there are conflicting positions regarding the kilos that an elite footballer should have.

In his book The Sports Nutrition Guide, nutritionist Nancy Clark explains that each body is different and that only nature can determine the ideal weight for each person. The rules are, in consecuense, a general method for making a rough estimate of the healthy weight range that every soccer player should have. The estimated margin is 10 % according to the musculature and body structure.

As for men, the specialist maintains that the rule indicates that the ideal weight is 48 kilograms for the first 1.52 meters high and 2.7 kg for each 2.5 extra centimeters. So, a man of 1.80 m tall should weigh about 75.5 kg, with a range of 68 kg at least if you are thin and 83 kg maximum if your muscle mass is pronounced.

As for women, the ideal weight son 45 kilograms for the first 1.52 meters high and 2.3 kg for each 2.5 extra centimeters. As an example, a woman who measures 1.70 tall should weigh about 59 kg with a range of 53 kg at least if you have a slim build and 65 kg maximum if you have greater muscle mass.

The specialist also points out that have a weight below the minimum corresponding to your height, on-court performance could be affected. Modern soccer is not a sport where you just need skill, but strength is also required, stamina and physical power.

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