The hooligans of England

The hooligans of England
Who are the hooligans? PHOTO:

Who are the hooligans of England? The "Hooliganismo" He born in England in late S. XIX in London thanks to a drunkard named Edward Hooligan, but this movement has undergone a change over S. XX. If last week we presented the report on the ultras (If you are interested you can read here) in Spain, this week, in our space dedicated to the hobby, we talk about “hooligans”.

The origin of the word Hooligan

In 1877, in full Victorian era, the city of London It was a large industrial center where the working classes of the periphery of the Thames working on a semi-slavery regime before going to drink taverns. Instead, a man of the South-East rested every day to get drunk and stick with those workers, Edward called Hooligan. Soon he would fashion, in the English slums, the word ‘hooligan’, associated with a stereotype of lazy man, drunk and likes to fight.

It was in 1890 when the newspaper “The Times” records the word “hooliganism” to qualify a group of young people who followed the footsteps of our hero. In just five years, this violent phenomenon begins to organize street gangs, and not just London, cities like Manchester, Birmingham o Liverpool also met increased ultra groups, Football fans and tavern.

All teams in the UK have their group “hooligans”

Today in "Hanged" we review the ultras groups in England.

Millwall Bushwackers

The Millwall Bushwackers” its the “hooligan firm” of the Millwall FC. Originally it was called “F-Troop”, during the decade of 80' 70'y, later change to its current name. Stigma of violence has characterized this group for more than 100 years. Thanks to his actions, Stadium Millwall It has been closed several times, the first in 1920.

The latest incidents caused by this group are very recent, for example in October 2004, en la FA Cup, where they rebuked reminding Liverpool fans tragedy Hillsborough. Also recently denied entry to some stadiums like in January 2009 one Hull. In April 2013, in the semifinal of the FA Cup against Wigan, 14 “hooligans” Millwall were arrested for various disturbances inside the stadium. rivaling Inter City Firm, Soul Crew, Service Crew y Headhunters”.

Birmingham Zulus

It is the “hooligan firm” associated equipment Birmingham City. Causing the death of a fan of Leeds in a massive fight between the two hobbies, resulting 200 wounded, 96 of them policemen. It is one of the most heterogeneous groups of English ultras, They are among its many members of different ethnicities. They are rivals of neighboring hooligans, “The Aston Villa Hardcore”. In many arrests to “Zulus”, police have seized them knives, and even some gun.

Aston Villa Hardcore

Founded in 1993 excision three ultras groups: Steamers”, “C-Crew” Y “Villa Youth”. In October 2002 serious disturbances staged in the center of Birmingham, popularly known as “Battle of Rocky Lane”. Many of its members were arrested and admitted to prison. They have staged several violent episodes in Europe, the last Rotterdam against followers of the Dutch team.

Inter City Firm

Are the “hooligans” del West Ham United. It has been one of the groups most famous ultras Premier. Its name comes from the name of the trains when they caught these ultras West Ham He is playing away from home. They have been the inspiration for many films like The Firm de Gary Oldman, where the director became advised by fans ICF. In the film 2005 “The Green Street” It was based on stories of this group ultra.

6.57 Crew

It is the group of ultra Portsmouth. One group best known internationally. In the World Cup 2006, Police confiscated the passports of most group members have the background. A complaint from Scotland Yard warned of a 95 prohibitions club, Statistically members “6.57 Crew” They are the most dangerous of all the UK.

The Red Army

Founded in 1970, are the “hooligans” del Manchester United. In 1974-1975, when United went down to the First Division they were considered one of the most problematic ultra groups. Tony O'Neill, member of “The Red Army”, He has written two books that explain the history of the group. currently the “firm” He has abandoned violent episodes, away from the problems they had in the early 80'.

Chelsea Headhunters.

“The Chelsea Headhunters” They are the group “hooligans” Chelsea connected al. His first revolts date back to the early 60'. It is one of the groups in which far-right ideology is more present, aligned with paramilitary groups in Northern Ireland in the early 80', as they are Ulster Defence Association y Ulster Volunteer Force. Racists and believers in the supremacy of the white race.

Like the ultras Real Madrid (ultrasur), a journalist, Donal MacIntyre, It was infiltrated the group for a documentary that aired on the BBC in 1999. The movie “The Football Factory”, of which we speak in "Hanged" (The 10 best soccer films in cinema history ) It is based on violence by this group of ultras. Like “Ultrasur”, Jose Mourinho praise.

Other groups ultra:

  • Arsenal – The Gooners, The Herd
  • Blackpool – The Muckers
  • Bolton Wanderers – Cuckoo Boys, Bolton Service Youth
  • Charlton Athletic – Cockney Firestarters, B Mob
  • Crystal Palace – Dirty 30
  • Derby County – Derby Lunatic Fringe
  • Everton – County Road Cutters
  • Fulham – Thames Valley Travellers
  • Hull City – Hull City Psychos
  • Leeds United – Leeds United Service Crew
  • Liverpool – The Urchins
  • Manchester City – Cool Cats, Guvnors, Mayne Line Service Crew
  • Manchester United – Men In Black
  • Middlesbrough – The Frontline
  • Newcastle United – Newcastle Gremlins
  • Nottingham Forest – Forest Executive Crew
  • Norwich City – Norwich Hit Squad, Under 5’s
  • Queens Park Rangers – Bushbabies
  • Sheffield United – Blades Business Crew
  • Sheffield Wednesday – Owls Crime Squad (OCS), Is That It (YOU)
  • Stoke City – Naughty Forty
  • Sunderland – Seaburn Casuals
  • Tottenham Hotspur – Yid Army
  • West Bromwich Albion – Section Five
  • Wolverhampton Wanderers – Subway Army

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