The oldest clubs in the world

The oldest clubs in the world
Sheffield is the oldest team in the world.

What are the oldest clubs in the world? What was the first football team in the world that was created? What is the oldest club in Spain? And America? Many questions, but some of them unknown to the public. That's what today we wonder in Colgados for football, the oldest clubs in history. And how could it be otherwise such honor goes to England, where the Sheffield FC was founded in 1857 student of the famous Harrow School in London, England. It is said that the Football Club Dublin University was created in 1854, but this set just had friendly character and only focused on making training among its members.

Such equipment precedes the Hallan FC also the city of Sheffield, that appeared in 1860 and allowed to contest the first matches against other rivals Sheffield FC. And it must be noted that at the beginning of this last mentioned team founded, a curious paradox occurred, the fact that there were rivals to contend with.

Sheffield FC is the oldest club in the world.
Sheffield FC is the oldest club in the world.

These two teams that precede Notts County were the first Englishmen to leave the fray but other historical clubs were the first to be based in their respective countries.

The oldest clubs in the world

Germany's oldest team: TSV 1860 Munich (Germany, 1860)

oldest team in France: Le Havre AC (France, 1872)

Scotland's oldest team: Kilmarnock FC (Scotland, 1869)

oldest of Spain team: Recreativo de Huelva (Spain, 1889)

Uruguay's oldest team : Club Atlético Peñarol (Uruguay, 1891)

Chile's oldest team: Santiago Wanderers of Valparaiso (Chile, 1892)

Italy's oldest team: Unione Sportiva Pro Vercelli Soccer: Founded in 1892

Argentina's oldest team: Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata: founded 3 June 1887

Mexico's oldest team: Albinegros de Orizaba: Founded in 1898

Brazil's oldest team: Sport Club Rio Grande: founded 19 July 1900

Holland's oldest team: Sparta Rotterdam: founded 1 April 1888

Portugal's oldest team: Academica Coimbra: Founded in 1887

Africa's oldest team: El Ahly , Egypt, founded in 1902

The world's oldest club is in Sheffield.
The world's oldest club is in Sheffield. PHOTO: Brand

The 10 oldest teams in the world:

1° Sheffield FC (England, 1857)

2° TSV 1860 Munich (Germany, 1860)

3° Notts County FC (England, 1862)

4° Kilmarnock FC (Scotland, 1869)

5° Le Havre AC (France, 1872)

6° Aston Villa FC (England, 1874)

7º Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata (Argentina 1887)

8° Recreativo Huelva (Spain, 1889)

9Club Atlético Peñarol ° (Uruguay, 1891)

10Santiago Wanderers of Valparaiso ° (Chile, 1892)

The oldest teams in Spain

Recreativo de Huelva (1889)

Athletic Bilbao (1898)

FC Barcelona (1899)

RCD Espanyol (1900)

Real Madrid (1902)

Sabadell (1903)

Atletico Madrid (1903)

Sevilla (1905)

Real Sporting Gijon (1905)

RCD de la Coruña (1906)

Real Betis (1907)

Europe (1907)

Levante UD (1909)

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  1. The oldest team in Mexico is the Club de Futbol Pachuca, founded 1 November 1892 and not the Orizaba you comment funfado 6 years later and which does not exist today.

  2. Jorge Deza,in Spain just 1 Only dean of Spanish football, THE Recreativo de Huelva, and although you were you willing to take away the deanship, MIARMA,you are going to eat a big turd, Dean because there is only one and this in Huelva.

    1. And who he said otherwise, Miarma? I just spoke of Sevilla FC, to say he was born in 1890, and not in 1905. Nobody said that Recreativo not Dean. By the way, the hoax set up years ago by some geeks Arousa demonstrated that, humbug, so do not fear. No one will take the deanship, unless the Recre disappears, Clear. Check out my blog (via PC. no mobile) and you see my official and correct list of 59 Spain's oldest existing clubs and see that I am rigorous.

  3. Who did this do not know if it was reported, Shrewsbury Town es de 1886 and I bet something other older allowed.

  4. Hello friends , I inform you that the oldest team of Uruguay is the Albion Football Club , founded 1 June 1891 , three months before the CURCC , which then turns into club Peñarol. thanks and orders for more information .

  5. Estimates Sudamerika founded the oldest football club is only for Wanderers of Valparaiso Chile S others are clubs in other sports football ke then adopted as an additional branch!

    1. Juan Pablo: Rosario Central was born three years earlier (in 1889) as only football club. regards

  6. In the list of oldest teams in history, If you repeat country, falta el Girondins Bordeaux you (1881)

  7. Tottenham was founded in 1882. If you put Aston Villa and other England, bad your list of the nine oldest. Everton also missing. The “toffees” are from 1878. Your information is very bad, you'd have to do something else. Disastrous.

  8. In Spain, it has recently been discovered that Sevilla F.C. born in 1890 and not in 1905 as thought. On the other hand, should be placed only clubs from the corresponding year of foundation would practice football. For example, Gimnastic de Tarragona in Spain nation 1886 but he did not begin to play football until 1914. Thus, as for his footballing activity seniority in their year of origin 1914 and not 1886. Ditto for other cases.

  9. They're bold ha ha penadoy born in 1913 the oldest clubs in Uruguay are albion and national

    1. Hahaha you believe what you just said your president q. Truth hurts. Everyone knows q formerly called the current CURCC Penarol, It is the dean. Hen you envy kills kajjaja

  10. The C.U.R.C.C was always called Peñarol in popular jargon and official, so much so, that the posters of the Uruguayan Football Association 1900, They are the imprimía”C.U.R.C.C (Peñarol)”…in 1913 we chose only Penarol being clearly established that it is the continuation of the previous C.U.R.C.C to be called, in fact, Peñarol has used the design of that shirt in official matches, which has the same colors, yellow and black as today.

  11. you mentioned that “Gimnasia LP” is the 3-06-1887 and did not put it on the list should have been the 7th position and “Rosario Central” It is 1889, nor is the “Lima Cricket” Peru created in 1859. Incomplete your report.

  12. to start the club Orizaba of Mexico ceased to exist long ago, Liverpool is also older than the Santiago Wanderers, Liverpool is the 3 June 1892 and Santiago Wanderers 15 August 1892

  13. Espantosa your estadiatica misinformed Penarol in that year there was no CURC Antea publishing your homework something like.

    1. Forgive me the C.U.R.C.C.Peñarol, While writing, q is uninformed but your sos! It is the same picture from its origins, is on record that name, and for more specific information the F.I.F.A. it is thus on record since 28/9/1891.

  14. friend if you say that gymnastics is lp 1887 Do not say the oldest of America's Penarol 1891, no other pore eg Ac is quilmes 1887 and Rosario Central 1889

  15. The oldest team Argentina, among which still exist, It is the Mercedes Club (Mercedes, Buenos Aires province), laid on 1875.

    Among the South American, the oldest still standing is the Lima Cricket and Football Club, founded in 1859.

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