The two great lies of Spanish football

The two great lies of Spanish football

Spanish football has given world cracks, good players, and of course normal, Players who did not measure up to be in the league and ended it by chance. But there has been a very characteristic species in which two players stand out clearly, the eternal promises, those players who heard a million times that would be authentic Outliers when explode, but they never do. As I like to call, the lies of Spanish football. As well, she is ready, It is headed by two players (each of them for different reasons) you all know more than enough: Julen Guerrero Y Fernando Torres.

Julen Guerrero, He was born 7 of January of 1974. He played his entire career at the club of his life, Athletic Club de Bilbao. He debuted in the first team 6 September 1992 a Athletic - Cadiz (2 – 1) and with 19 just turned years was for the first time the Spanish team (the orders of Javier Clemente). With the national team would play two World (1994 Y 1998) and a European Championship (1996).

It was one of those players who got tired of hearing that it was one of the promises of Spanish football, I was destined to become one of the pillars of Athletic and the Spanish Selection. It never exploded, He was never able to make more than three straight doing what was expected of him and all that is supposed to give. His crowning achievement as a professional player was being runner-up with Athletic League season 1997/98.

The other big lie of Spanish football could be Fernando Torres. One, It is aware that this second name always creates more controversy when it appears on a list like this, but I have no doubt, He has never finished being who should have been, He is a player at Atletico Madrid, I never get to make the leap that was expected of him, and his lifelong club, not leave his jam until "El Niño" not stopped playing in the Vicente Calderon home jersey.

To be fair, We say you had some good year in his football career and his first with the Fins or the first year he played at Liverpool for Rafa Benitez orders, but to get there, the Spanish coach had to put a team to play for him, demonstrating his footballing class.

removing it, He is a player who has been passed from one club to another and living the goal that gave the European Championship since that marked; but I guess we all remember, in the European Championship top scorer was David Villa (with 4 goals) and that "the child" might not have played the final if it had not been for "El Guaje" he was injured in the semifinal, but unfortunately, within 25 years only goal will be remembered Torres, just as unfair the memory Platini's goal Arconada, after this take us to the final with his great performances during Euro 1984. A nice, football…

Raul Palencia

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4 thoughts on “The two great lies of Spanish football

  1. Bad choice of examples, especially bleeding the Torres. Simply reviewing objective data: 112 goals (moment) with Atletico Madrid, 81 with Liverpool ( averaging a goal every two games 4 seasons with the Reds) Y 45 with Chelsea. 38 española.2 goals with the selection or 3 Sometimes maximum scorer Spanish first division. Winner of the Champions League and UEFA Europa leagiue (marking in this final) with Chelsea. 2 European Cups selections, marking at both end and being golden boot in the second, despite having played half minutes, for example, Cristiano Ronaldo. A world for which he was summoned, despite being more injured than healthy in recognition for being basic piece to qualify for the.

  2. I think you've picked two examples horrible, having much more choice. Bojan, GUTI, EYE, SOLDIER, all these were to be the best and not even became fixed in the selection.
    On the subject of Fernando Torres dire that the 4 Brand Villa goals in Euro2008, 3 They are to pass and then Torres was top scorer with Euro2012 3 goals and an assist. He has scored in two finals of European Championship and also marked the end of Europa League that played with Chelsea. You say it is unfair to continue living the goal of Vienna, but it is also unfair to remember only his bad season during the World 2010, the previous and the next season (although 2011 won the Champions). Finally say that not only his first season at Liverpool was good, but all the stage in the network equipment, so there, after his pardon and thanks to his friendship with Steven, Mersey SHORES A LEGEND, JUST LIKE IN THE MANZANARES.

  3. I disagree in Guerrero. Very good player. Excellent. a crack. However Athletic play is not easy. Have to think about the concept of football and the club you have the equipment vizcaíno. A crack team where the other was Etxeberría… You will tell me. They got the second place without foreign. the host.

  4. I'm not entirely agree with what Torres, If I find an overvalued level footballer quote (it is also true that generates enough marketing), but I do not fit the definition of eternal promise because if that has come to exploit, with very good seasons at Liverpool.

    But I find it curious that lie does not appear as football, the eternal promise by definition, José María Gutiérrez, Guti.

    I think these examples you put the component influences that are footballers logo on their home computers and therefore have a “mystical aura” around it.

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