the worst game in the world is played

the worst game in the world is played
San Marino will play home in the worst game in the world.

The 22 February 2017 will go down in history as the day that will play the baddest game in history or at least, between the two national teams in the world worse. Translated, San Marino with 74 straight games without a win and located in the ranking 202 FIFA will face Andorra totaling 84 games without a win and a spot located just after, at 203.

It is true that these two teams are not the worst of the list for Bahamas, Virgin islands, Gibraltar and Tonga are lower but they are worse than the combined regularly play, since they do not participate in either friendly or qualifying stages which makes Andorra and San Marino in the worst teams in the world. Very friendly crumb because that is played at the stadium of San Marino, listed as the baddest party in the world for obvious reasons.

San Marino has just 30.000 inhabitants and a 30 amateur licenses so you can not ask for more. Andorra, the small country in the Pyrenees not have much choice despite having a league modest regional level. The curiosity is served and Colgados'll tell.

Alberto Llopis

Alberto Llopis

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