The worst signings in the history of Barcelona

The worst signings in the history of Barcelona
Amunike, the crack of the throw and one of the worst signings in the history of Barca. PHOTO: Sport

Who are the worst signings in the history of Barcelona? Throughout his long career, FC Barcelona club has had great players but also with some worthy firecrackers study. In this article, We remember some of the weakest they have worn the Barca zamarra and sure we leave many.

Marc Overmars

The Dutchman was one of the best wingers in the world in the late 90's. This led to arrive to Barcelona from Arsenal in the year 2000, by staggering 6500 million pesetas, which were many pelas. Joan Gaspart tried to cover the departure of Figo to Real Madrid by investing part of the 10.000 million admitted for the transfer of the Portuguese.

The move could leave him no worse. Overmars suffered a knee injury that cost of recovering and was not well. After that the successive string of injuries forced him to retire and leave the Barcelona. During his time the Barcelona did not win any title that detracted most his career as culé.

Dmytro Chygrynskiy

In the summer of 2009, Guardiola encaprichó with the signing of a Ukrainian center chunky-looking rocker. Barcelona decided to follow the criteria of their successful trainer and payment 25 Shaktar million euros to Donetsk for him. The result was disastrous. He never acclimated in Barcelona home and it was a failed signing. Ten matches in total were his poor baggage. It was sold back to its source computer, but this time for ten million euros less. Total failure.

Douglas Pereira

Juice 8 official matches with Barcelona in two years and ended loaned out there. He came to be injured once in the ass on the bus going to a party and no joke. His performance as FC Barcelona deserves no more than 3 lines.

the worst signings in the history of Barcelona
Douglas the day of his presentation as a player of Barcelona where he played 8 official matches. PHOTO: Brand

Alexander Hleb

Belarussian player arrived from Arsenal in the summer of 2008 for almost 17 millions of euros. His time at Barcelona lasted one season, the rest is spent on loan until the free ended out in a really nefarious operation. He arrived at the same Dmytro Chygrynskiy and also failed to pair. offensive end, Nor could get quality at the Camp Nou.

Philippe Christanval

Barcelona invested in summer 2001 the disproportionate number of 3000 million pesetas in this plant that was a real tordo. The truth is that during that time came some of the worst players in the history of Barcelona, all under the command of Joan Gaspart.

Gaspart it was not of this world luminaries said: "Here we have a moral obligation to win everything and for that we signed the best players in the world". We assume that we would be talking about something else because this slow and clumsy center, He failed miserably. He ended up being called “Christanmal” for their nefarious activities. then with 30 years retired from football because they did not want or bocce team in his neighborhood. Now he dedicated to his true passion, The jewelry, Business practicing in Paris.

Emmanuel Amunike

Nigeria was one of the strangest and perhaps peculiar signings Barcelona made in its history. Known as the king of the throw, It was precisely this the most outstanding quality when assessing his move. Renowned player in Nigeria was signed for Barcelona for a 4 million of his time and there began to mark an epoch in the band Camp Nou. He did sitting in the box or displaying their wonderful throw-ins.

He spent three seasons with more pain than glory and everyone spoke of him but for evil and to make jokes. He played twenty games in all those seasons and scored a goal. A player who made history as one of the worst signings players in the history of Barcelona.

Emmanuel Petit

Along with Overmars also he reached the French with blond hair and paints porn actor's 90. It was Petit, an international player with France and also triumphed at Arsenal. The signing was as expensive as failed. While the player himself described in an autobiography as the worst mistake of his life having signed for Barça, In addition to calling carpet salesmen and managers incompetent clown coach of his time. Joan Gaspart thanks to its management and signings will be remembered not just for being one of the best presidents in the history of Barcelona.

Winston Bogarde

In January 1998, Barcelona reached the Louis Van Gaal this central nearly two meters high not known for being a fine stylist ball. Surprisingly, It was international with Holland but looked more like a bouncer than a footballer elite. The result was obvious, a failure and the Nou Camp fell on him as he was used to another kind of football. A guy who will not be remembered as the best thing that went through the ranks azulgranas.

Frédéric Déhu

This French center came to Barcelona 1998, just after the World Cup in France and winning the league in his country. Upon arrival was considered one of the best center of the moment, when he left, He played opposite was 11 nefarious games for Barcelona and went at the end of that season. Some have the worst starting lineup in the history of Barcelona. Then he returned to the league where he played one season in the Levant with the same result and retired.

Thomas Vermaelen

Belgian glass. He signed for Barca 2014 and he has since accumulated or not a season where not injured and most of the games were lost. He was placed on Vissel Kobe taking advantage of the Catalans played a friendly against the Japanese in the summer 2019. A disaster of signing.

In his first season, Vermaelen made his debut in Week 38. PHOTO: AS

Juan roman riquelme

Argentina arrived in 2001 with compatriot Saviola. Gaspart, after his previous failure had not tired of throwing money and decided to invest another very high figure in bringing one of the most promising moment. The truth is that Riquelme was a player of some world-class and highly regarded in his country, Argentina, but passing through the Camp Nou was quite poor and insignificant. The best times in the Spanish League '10’ Villarreal were.

Xavier Escaich, José Mari, Igor Korneiev, Xavier Eskurza, Ronnie Ekelund and Sanchez Jara

Here we can make a pack. With six players rarely doubtful level They reached a Barcelona of Johan Cruyff, great successes alternated with absurdities of made huge dimensions. None had any level to play in the Catalan giant and had a prolific career after. So much, more than one reading this article, you can not even put a face.

Other worthy players from this list:

Samuel Okunowo

Van Gaal odd bet, He coincided in time with Bogarde, Reiziguer o Déhu. They won the League to Real Madrid Baljic, Geremi Bizarri. So was the level at that time. discreet player to be generous.

Francesco Coco

This Italian surname muñecote with Sesame Street, He went rather unnoticed by the Camp Nou turf.

Dragan Ciric

The story of this player is limited to Barca 26 games and no goals in two seasons.


Barcelona signed several seasons by 20 million euros to the Brazilian who was the new pearl of the sunny South American country . He never got to play at Barca after umpteen assignments.

Keirrison in its unique image as a Barcelona player despite being linked to the club 5 years, when he posed with the shield. He did not play a match. PHOTO: AS

Other of the worst signings in the history of Barcelona

Richard Dutruel

Another esperpento over Barcelona in the beginning of the XXI century. Barcelona he paid 700 Celta Vigo million by a porter who spent two seasons in Barcelona and one of them did not play in training.

Roberto Bonano

They brought him to supply Dutruel two seasons and played a total of 51 League matches (56 goals conceded) and disputed 23 Champions League matches (20 goals Allowed). lamentable numbers for a goalkeeper of Barcelona. Also harvest was Joan Gaspart.

Simao Sabrosa and Ricardo Quarema

Neither Portuguese managed to highlight ends in Barcelona. Both arrived very young and left without getting exploited.

Ricardo Quaresma played at his time at Barcelona.
Ricardo Quaresma among the worst signings in the history of Barcelona. PHOTO: MundoDeportivo


Barcelona fought with Rome in the summer of 2018 this Brazilian player who recently demonstrated in rows azulgranas. Cost 40 million euros and only played one season as FC Barcelona, participating in 24 matches and scoring just one goal. At least economically it was not a ruin, because in the summer 2019 He was transferred to Russian Zenit virtually the same amount it had cost.

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