The worst signings in the history of Real Madrid

The worst signings in the history of Real Madrid
'Rambo' Petkovic during his time as Real Madrid player PHOTO:

Hanged for football brings the worst signings in the history of Real Madrid. Those players who for one reason or another failed miserably in the white club. Players who did not respond to the expectations or their millionaire signings.

The worst signings in the history of Real Madrid


Brazil is probably the worst signing of Real Madrid to date. Cost 65 million in 2009 and its performance has been unfortunate for a player of his category. Neither Pellegrini nor Mourinho has had no relevance minutes in big games.

It is one of the most famous fiascos in the history of Spanish football and world. He arrived with the tag superclass world football, supported by large seasons in Milan and has devalued considerably white club. It will be difficult to leave this list, His name sounds like one of the outputs of the white club.

elvir Baljic

Elvir Baljić was possibly the worst signing in the history of Real Madrid to the signing of Kaka. This supposed phenomenon of football arrived whopping 3500 million pesetas to Real Madrid in the summer of 1999. He did from the Turkish football under the nickname of Rivaldo in the Balkans.

The statistics of this course was limited to standard 15 games with more pain q glory and a torn ligament that kept him away the rest of the season. It was loaned to Turkish Fenherbace and then returned to be loaned to Rayo Vallecano where he was unable to make the site, despite Real Madrid it has cost the figure of 3500 millions. Definitely the worst money drawn by white club.

Baljic cost nothing more and nothing less than 3500 million pesetas. PHOTO: Brand

Jonathan Woodgate

He joined Real Madrid 20 million euros and played just 12 parties in several seasons in the madridista club. Upon arrival he was seriously injured and spent almost blank time in the Spanish League.

It was an English defense a certain prestige to a plague of injuries prevented surrender or at least try. Undoubtedly one of the biggest fiascos of the sports management of Real Madrid.

Walter Samuel

Being a player of international standing, or at least be considered as well, It does not make you succeed as Coca Cola wherever you go. Walter Samuel, He joined Real Madrid in the summer of 2004 the tune of 25 millions of euros, from Rome , but only he stayed one season in the white box.

Just after the season, in summer 2005, He was transferred to Inter by 16 millions, 9 less than they cost the Madrid. With a lot of blunders and rejected by the public at the Bernabeu, Muro cone called him became the “Wailing Wall”.

Robert Prosinecki

Real Madrid paid for him Ramon Mendoza 1000 million pesetas of 1990, they were many millions. To the 21 years, Robert Prosinecki was one of the best players of the moment. European champion with Red Star, It was one of the leaders of the Yugoslav selection before the war in the Balkans.

With a fragile physical appearance, He failed miserably at Real Madrid. It was injured to kicking, so it was dubbed the “Crystal Man”. Heavy smoker, a bad habit for an elite athlete, then he went through the Barcelona with the same result. complete failure.

Robert Prosinecki one of the worst signings in the history of Real Madrid
Robert Prosinecki one of the worst signings in the history of Real Madrid PHOTO: Brand

Antonio Cassano

The Italian came in January 2006 as the brand new winter signing from Real Madrid and became one of the worst players who have passed through the White House. With an alarming even for a person overweight non-athlete, the Italian, He was best known for his scandals than for his play.

He ended up being best known for the number of women with whom he went to bed in Madrid and the number of ” croissants” which was eaten after such an act. It became more than ten kilos above their ideal weight and that's being generous. Regrettable

Dejan Petkovic

they called “Rambo” Petkovic. This nickname was supposed to come from his exceptional physical strength. The truth is that “Rambo” He came one of the worst Real Madrid history, while he not even qualified for Europe that season.

Rambo played for three teams in the Spanish League and not together or thirty games between the three. He went to Brazil where he became an idol but without a doubt he is one of the worst players in the history of Real Madrid. Only mediocrity club this season could justify such signing.

Lucas Silva

Real Madrid signed in 2015 for almost 20 million and the Brazilian had a more discreet way through the white club. Only lasted one season, then he was loaned to Olympique Marseille and ended up missing in action.

the worst signings in the history of Real Madrid
Lucas Silva with Real Madrid shirt. PHOTO: The confidential

Rodrigo Fabri

This player failed so so striking at Real Madrid that few remember your way through the white club. The Brazilian came with the band of great football player but was no more than discreet. It lasted one season in the white club. He tried in Atletico Madrid after a good performance in Valladolid, but also it failed.

Pedrag Spasic

Pedrag Spasic may be one of the worst defenses in the Spanish Liga have passed. This alopécico Yugoslav player became notorious for being an excellent scorer, but in his own net.

Its passage by Real Madrid remember their poor defensive performance and his superb header with who beat his teammate Paco Buyo, scoring a spectacular own goal. Was the 19 of January of 1991 and the Camp Nou. That day became an idol, but for the parish of FC Barcelona.

Royston Drenthe

Royston Drenthe You could dramatize the best example of how you can throw away a race for not having furnished head. He joined Real Madrid in 2007 when had only 20 years and Whites paid the not inconsiderable figure of 14 million euros for a player who at that time looked to be one of the stars of football next decade.

The truth is that became famous for fuss and ended up crushed by the public at the Bernabeu. He did not play almost any coach and Mourinho took him up on arrival. Then he went to Hercules where he started as a hero and almost attacked just after fuss and finished Everton. Then he left football for Rap, and then return to football at Sparta Rotterdam 2018.

Asier Illarramendi

Real Madrid they invested 32,5 million in his move and although did not play little games with Real Madrid in the two seasons he was, He never came to fruition as a Real Madrid player.

the worst signings in the history of Real Madrid
Asier Illarramendi to Real Madrid shirt. PHOTO: Brand

Edwin Congo

Signed for Real Madrid in 1999, It was one of those rare signings. He played a friendly and counting. He went to Levante where he had good and bad times and finished his career in Paiporta Valencian regional. Incredible that pass through the Real Madrid. At least it served to end up on TV programs shameful football.

The “atom” Ognjenovic

It came as the new Mijatovic and turned out to be the new chestnut. It showed nothing in his career to have played in a club like white. One of the worst signings in the history of Real Madrid.

Freddy Rincon

He came in 1996 as one of the best South American. He left the worst being seen by Madrid. This mustached Colombian blamed his failure to racism, not his poor play. Recently I was wanted by Interpol.

Peter Dubosky

Slovak player He died in 2000 in an accident in Thailand. It was one of the best players of Oviedo but Real Madrid was uneconomic signing.


Cost 800 million of the time. Not worth half. His record had been playing in Merida and in Pontevedra.


They said it was right side. We do not know because until Chendo the verge of retirement took away the post. They had to urgently to sign Panucci. One of the worst players who have gone through the League and as, Real Madrid.

Julius Caesar

Central imperial name and nothing else. He measured two meters and weighed no or sixty kilos. Other dimensions exaggerated firecracker.


It came and went in the same way, unnoticed. Mediocre player for a team even lower First. One of the worst signings in the history of Real Madrid long.

Faubert can always tell who played for Real Madrid although it was almost testimonial. Photo:


It cost a lot of millions. Player who failed to shine at Real Madrid. Perhaps because his way of playing did not match the greatness of the white box.

Federico Magallanes

Hardly anyone remembers the passage of this Uruguayan Real Madrid. Then he went to Racing, Sevilla and ended in Merida in Second B. Set a record for descents.

Claudemir Vitor

It was to be the new Cafu but lasted less than a candy at the door of a school. Ramon Mendoza himself came to tildarle of “firecracker”. Three games and left the club.

Nuri Sahin

The Turk had a more than discreet passage through the Bernabéu club where he disappointed. “Real Madrid is like a high speed train that did not stop me ” The player himself revealed in relation to its passage by the Madrid club in an interview a while ago.


Danish could not miss this list. He became famous for his Real Madrid “Gravesinha” and its peculiar character that even led him to end up in the hands with a colleague. His life after football did not do anything wrong becoming a billionaire playboy in Las Vegas.

worst signings of Real Madrid
The peculiar Thomas Gravesen to Real Madrid shirt. PHOTO: As

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