Collecting scrap metal to be one of the world's best in his position

Collecting scrap metal to be one of the world's best in his position
Kanté, another one of those footballers with a tough personal history. Photo:

From collecting junk to being one of the best players in the world. Many say he “have 15 lungs” O “even in the warm lungs” Among many other things. The truth is that it seems that never tires or multiplied by 11 on the field. We speak as not of a physical prodigy as it is N'Golo Kanté, a real machine to retrieve balls. Another of those players whose childhood was all contrary to pleasant. When I was a kid, I roamed the streets of Paris looking for scrap metal to help his family survive.

N´Golo Kanté, an example of humility after achieving success

Perhaps for that and although it rifan equipment and offers for him are astronomical, Kanté is a different player, far from the bubble in which the big players live. Do not spend fortunes on clothes, jewelry or mansions despite his high salary and moves in a Mini Cooper as normal as the rest of us. Despite being one of the world's best in his position, knows where it comes from. Such is his profile that one day he missed a train and ended up throwing some FIFA with some fans who recognized him and invited him to their house for dinner.

According to account 'Marca', with scarcely 7 years, Kanté swelled to make kilometers through the suburbs of Paris in search of scrap metal recycling and help the family economy. Something that multiplied when with only 11 years, He lost his father. Now footballer 1,68 whose resemblance to Makelele around every day is bigger, sounds for many large and Chelsea especially after his great World, ask for a high amount of millions. Not for less, by a player who has 15 lungs.

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