Three-match ban for Feghouli

The Competition Committee of the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) has suspended the Algerian Valencia player Sofiane Feghouli with three games, one for being sent off for a double yellow in the match on the last day of the League against Zaragoza and another two for applauding the referee's decision.

According to the minutes of the Andalusian referee Pérez Montero, Feghouli was booked in the minute 44 “for not respecting the regulation distance in the execution of a free throw” and saw the second yellow in the minute 60 by “knock down an opponent in the contest for the ball”, for which he was expelled for double warning.

The act also includes in the chapter of other incidents that after his expulsion Feghouli applauded “jokingly the decision taken”.

Valencia presented allegations, accompanied by video, against the first of the warnings, but Competition has rejected them because they understand that in their exam “it is clearly appreciated that the player is very close to the opponent who is about to take a foul, even taking a lateral step to interfere with the trajectory of the ball”, as reflected in the minutes.

Competition has therefore decided to impose a penalty match on the player for double warning and subsequent expulsion, the first for infringement of the Laws of the Game and the second for dangerous play, with an accessory fine in the amount of 350 ¤ to the club and 600 ¤ to the footballer, in application of articles 111.1.a) y j), 113 Y 52 of the Disciplinary Code of the RFEF.

It has also agreed to impose two suspension matches on Feghouli., in application of the article 117, with an accessory fine in the amount of 700 ¤ al Valencia C.F. and of 600 ¤ to the footballer (Article 52).

Among the other sanctions agreed today by Competition, the following stand out:

– One game of suspension due to accumulation of reprimands against Rakitic (Sevilla).

– A suspension match for Amorebieta for double warning (Athletic).

– One game suspension for infringement of the rules of the game against Casto (Betis).

– One party for breaching the article 123 of the RFEF disciplinary code, “Violence in the game”, to Ximo (Mallorca).

Julio Muñoz

Julio Muñoz

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