Uruguay win against Bolivia, Messi stronger with Argentina

The Bolivian soccer team surprised today by scoring at home for 4-1 a Uruguay, the last champion of the Copa América, with a triplet by striker Carlos Saucedo and another score by Gualberto Mojica, on the tenth round of the World Cup qualifying rounds in Brazil 2014. Saucedo scored in the minutes 5, 50 y 54 and Mojica did his in the 26, while the goal of honor for the Uruguayans was scored by Luis Suárez in the minute 80.

The Bolivian superiority was evident from the first minutes of the match and those led by the Spanish Xabier Azkargorta showed an attitude diametrically opposed to that exhibited in Friday's game against Peru.. From the beginning, midfielders Rudy Cardozo and Marvin Bejarano stood out., Saucedo, who is the top scorer in the Bolivian local league, and also the battering ram of the Brazilian Guild, Marcelo Martins Moreno, with interesting arrivals and plays.

The momentum of the premises was evident in the minute 5, when a combined play between Cardozo and Saucedo ended in the goal guarded by Fernando Muslera. Saucedo continued pressing in search of the second goal, with dangerous arrivals in minutes 11 y 13, but Muslera won the duels both times. The first clear opportunity for the Uruguayans to equalize the match came in the minute 15, when a Cristian center ”Onion” Gutiérrez found Luis Suárez, but goalkeeper Sergio Galarza managed to clear the ball.

In the minute 26, a foul on Cardozo led to the free kick through which Gualberto Mojica, with a powerful punch, expanded the score in favor of ”Verde”. Bolivia continued to pressure a weak Uruguay, who showed no reaction to local goals. In the second half, Uruguay tried to overcome the scoreboard, but he did not manage to develop his game and his performance continued to be weak in the face of Bolivian pressure.

In the minute 50, Saucedo scored the second goal for Bolivia and four minutes later the same San José de Oruro striker increased the count, almost sentencing the local win. Los ”Charruas” they had at least three occasions to try to overcome the score in the second half, with a corner kick from Forlán in the minute 60, a center from Suárez two minutes later and an arrival from Rodríguez in the 66, but his shot went off track. The Celeste team achieved its only goal in the minute 80, when Suarez finally scored with a powerful free kick shot.

Argentina beats Chile

Argentina's punch gave him the victory today for 1-2 frente a Chile, that showed a more fierce image but could not with the offensive effectiveness of his rival, that maintains the leadership of the South American qualifiers of the World Cup in Brazil 2014. Lionel Messi (m.27) and Gonzalo Higuaín (m.30) they scored for Argentina.
Felipe Gutiérrez discounted in added time for Chile, that with this result falls back to sixth position with twelve points, the same as Venezuela and Uruguay.
Argentina did not take two minutes to scare the Chileans with a play by Messi. The striker advanced with the ball stuck to his foot and gave it to Di María, that shot slightly deviated.
After the initial scare, Chile got loose and chained a few minutes of exquisite football. Order behind, pressure in the spinal cord and mobility in attack, with an area reference like Sebastián Pinto.
In the minute 4 Gary Medel released a shoe from inside the area that Sergio Romero rejected and Pinto could not take advantage of the rebound.
By now, Chile had already generated more offensive actions than during the entire match against Ecuador last week.
Chile dominated and seemed close to the goal against a sleepy but tense Albiceleste team, well retracted before the outbursts of the local team.
Until Messi appeared. Barcelona's striker, little transcendent until that moment, came on stage when his people needed him most.
In the minute 27, broke the offside with a pass from Fernando Gago. Stepped on leather, He waited for Gonzalo Jara to pass by, and finished with a left foot to the left of the goalkeeper.
With the Chileans stunned, Higuaín released the second blow three minutes later. El Pipita got off the hook on the far right, dispatched two defenders outlining towards the center and hit the ball into the squad with his left foot.
Before the break, Medel had a new chance to score. Kun Agüero also had it, who outwitted two defenders in a square meter - including a hat - and shot the stick.
In the second half, the crash diminished in intensity and got embroiled in the center of the field., with many faults and interruptions.
Higuaín left the field with discomfort after a strong entry from Jara and Messi was about to score the third with a low shot that Miguel Pinto successfully cleared.
In the added time, Felipe Gutierrez, who had entered the field a few minutes before, scored the discount for Chile with a shot with the left that slipped into Romero's arms.


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