Twenty years of that unforgettable Bulgarian selection

Twenty years of that unforgettable Bulgarian selection

Dusting the history books of the football discover one that often life revolves only one wheel in different time. And if not tell that to France, with foot and a half out of the World Cup in Brazil 2014 and oddly now makes 20 years (a 17 of November) lived one of its worst nightmares on a football field.

Guilty: a selection, to Bulgaria, that appeared in a packed Parc des Princes in Paris with no credentials have never gone out of a second round in the World Cup and had never even played finals of Euro. Everything seemed on track to certify a new FIFA World Cup France after the fiasco presence USA 90 as a tie against him worth a combined traditional footballing hardly but with very good players.

Moreover when his eleven had players like Petit, Desailly, Papin or Cantona Deschamps and when twilight had anticipated Gerard Houllier's half an hour. But nevertheless, a double by Emil Kostadinov led to what is one of the biggest football Blots I Gallo. First a header just before the break and then a volley in the last minute of play served to classify a team that had players like Stoichkov and Luboslav Penev Hristo at the point of attack and Letchkov, Balakov and Kostadinov in the middle of the field. A team that left crying moved to Paris and throughout France, as well you can be seen in the following video.

A real great team with imagination, impudence, so a certain amount of anarchy own selections such East European and especially much talent he undertook a journey (without Penev to testicular cancer which set him apart from the possibility) the brightest period in its history. Because if the Parc des Princes and France was the beginning, The United States was the culmination of a dream.

after winning 2-0 Maradona's Argentina (It would end up being punished) and classified into a group where they were also Nigeria (against whom he lost 3-0), Greece (which would win 4-0), Bulgarian box would defeat Mexico in the second round in a dramatic penalty shootout, and then finish with Germany, champions, with a majestic Stoichkov (2-1) and it is planted in a semifinal in which only Italy Roberto Baggio could stop.

Stoitchkov scored a goal kick against Germany.
Stoitchkov scored a goal kick against Germany.

A more fitting end for a team that finally collapse in the fight for the third place against Sweden fell by a convincing 4-0, but that would leave a breath of fresh air to the world football. Because if something showed that feat this small country of only seven million people is that talent can get anywhere. And them, they had, also, pour.

Kostadinov scored the classification at the last minute.
Kostadinov scored the classification at the last minute

For the most nostalgic, This was the alignment of the famous France-Bulgaria of the 17 November 1993:

France: Long, Desailly, Roche, Blanc, Small, Le Guen, Deschamps, Sauzée (Guérin, 81′), Pedros, Papin (Ginola, 69′), Cantona. Entr.: Houllier.

Bulgaria: Mikhailov, Kremenliev, Ivanov, Khubtchev, Tzvetanov (Aleksandrov, 82′), Yankov, Letchkov (Borimirov, 82′), Balakov, Kostadinov, L. Penev, Stoitchkov. Entr.: D. Penev.

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