What is the third team in Spain?, Athletic, Atlético or Valencia

What is the third team in Spain?, Athletic, Atlético or Valencia
Valencia and Atletico Madrid third-ranked team vying Spain. PHOTO: Brand

What is the third team in Spain? The theme of this post is that it brings them. Among other things because there probably is not a single valid criterion to define who the third team in Spain. Real Madrid and Barcelona are the two best teams in the league always it seems that one does not question. But, ¿y el tercero?

Three are the clubs that the honorific title of being the third best vie whole history of Spanish football. Namely, Atlético de Madrid, Valencia and Athletic Bilbao. Trying to be as objective as possible, in Colgados for football we discover who it is that completes the trio of Spanish football. For it, We serve several criteria:

1- Títulos nacionales

Atletico Madrid is the most league has won all three with 10. Athletic followed with 8 y el Valencia con 6. In King's Cups, los “lions” count on 23, Atletico with 10 y el Valencia con 8. The Basques have also played a total of 37 finals 19 de los rojiblancos. In this section, seems that Athletic would have advantage over Atletico and Valencia would be second last. And

2- Titles at European level

Valencia has 7 European titles (1 UEFA Cup, 2 Holiday Cups, 1 Cup Winners Cup, 2 European Super Cups and 1 Intertoto Cup and two Champions final), It is the third Spanish club with the highest number of matches played in all official European competitions and fourth in number of victories.

Atletico has played three Champions League finals, perdiendo las 3 in the last minute and won 1 Cup Winners Cup, 2 UEFAS, 2 European Super Cups and one Intercontinental Cup played at the expense of Bayern. Both teams would be more equal distancing the Athletic who has never managed to build an international title.

3- At present

En este aspecto, doubt that the Atlético It is in recent seasons the strongest team ahead of Athletic y Valencia. After Valencia CF on paper but stuck in a loop walk of mediocre seasons combining other being in the top four. Los colchoneros luchan codo a codo por el título con los dos grandes de España, Meanwhile he Athletic He has improved over the last years.

4- Hubby

the vetusto Mestalla It has a capacity of about 50.000 spectators. But the Basques and Madrileños can boast of having a brand new stadium, el nuevo San Mames and the Wanda Metropolitano respectively, which have not yet been able to open Valencia. Work on the new Mestalla take more stops than a decade, and what is it looks for long.

5- Historical League standings

El Athletic It is the only set of three who has never gone down to Second. El Atlético ha jugado seis temporadas en segunda, la última en la temporada 2001-02 and Valencia four, la última en los 80. However, both are ahead in points to Bilbainos. In this respect in recent seasons the colchoneros have overcome this historic qualification to valencianistas.

6- Importance and impact

He Athletic It has been a very important in generating team players because of their Canterana policy not to hire foreign. This has led him to take a limited form of signings but has yielded results in its history. He Atlético It is of the three who has spent more money on big players and Valencia, He has been plunged into a spiral of instability in recent years.

As we see, criteria for everyone to choose who the third best team in Spain. ¿A ti, who you think?

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8 thoughts on “What is the third team in Spain?, Athletic, Atlético or Valencia

  1. Today athletic, Valencia was the third in Spain for many years, especially since he rose early and even athletic again won titles after two years lie second

  2. Let's see assuming that the three Spanish teams are and what they have to get their templates is Spanish players, the echo of the other teams rather a set of players from around the world, It does not correspond with its indosincrasia as is the case of Athetic, so all titles have no merit, because they are not playing the same conditions.

  3. I know have to know if a team is better than another is measured in degrees and titles if you compare Valencia and Atletico no color, do not know why that invention that if they give Atletico and unforgiving things.. more give to Madrid and Barcelona, Atletico is above Valencia and far

    1. Then Athletic would be above Atlético and Valencia, if you know how to add titles ... because 24 Cups of the king of Athletic make him pass over the other two.

  4. The article is wrong or old. Atletico have 10 leagues and that does not account Intertoto. Today Atletico is the only of the three that can fight to Madrid and Barsa quarter of the budget that these two. That is real and who is historic third party who choose each.

    1. Date is 2014. No está mal. It is simply written in 2014 when Atletico had not won the league 2013/14. You have to look at the publication dates before arguing is wrong.

  5. Toas if you count the victories by two points Athletic is ahead of Valencia and Atletico

  6. the third in Spain has always been the c.f valencia , by merit and estidistica . remember that the Atletico Madrid book down to second division in offices in 1936 thanks wing civil war in which elloos were military, and thanks to that change in his favor and won his sports singladura 4 leagues should not have under his belt since dropped to second in the game apart Terrero Atletico been to seguanda more times than the valence 6 Atleti Sunda years without fraud office by 4 the valencia.cf. that does not say in the Madrid media and hide in history. Besides the athletic it belongs to a big city like Madrid and has rebibido historical favors, valencia years was also a Valencia atletico and disappeared for being a smaller town, so the valence always be the third largest in the country without discussion , The rest are manipulations of the press.

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