Is the FIFA fair with all countries?, He should have refused to play Spain in Equatorial Guinea?, the review of the Institution

This week has given a lot of news on the international football spectrum. At the gates of the most important event, play-offs or play-offs have taken on importance, as our american friends say, of the teams that could not qualify directly. What really surprises, have been the pairings of national teams that due to their relevance, both in the sporting aspect and in the social and population impact, so it is economically important for the financing and development of the competition, FIFA has shamelessly had to reach out.

The pairings between Mexico and New Zealand and Uruguay with Jordan, They show that FIFA hand . The logic would have been matches between the two Americans and another between the weak Jordanians and the New Zealand amateurs but, a Mexico outside the World Cup in Brazil would have had a negative impact of about 50 million dollars and this must have weighed heavily on FIFA. The results of the first leg matches, with goals from Uruguayans and Americans to their lazy rivals, they still give the impression of being a pantomime and a gift from FIFA. A) Yes, the only ocean representative will be Australia and because it decided to fit into the Asian group, tired of not being able to get a direct position due to the system of the highest international body that as always, represents who he wants. Mexico will be in a World Cup with only two victories in its qualifying phase and after rebounding with a goal in the last minute from the USA. Blatter, perpetuated on the throne, as always from bad to worse.

On the other hand, in Europe we are having real titanic fights. Portugal against Sweden or what the televisions and the press have sold as Cristiano Ronaldo vs Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Two potential Ballon d'Or winners 2013 (another pantomime) together with Messi and Ribéry. The first round was taken by Cristiano with his goal and that leaves Portugal with a meager advantage.

The surprise has jumped in the Ukraine-France where with Benzema injured and Ribéry missing, they signed an unfortunate night for the gala team, losing by two goals. Difficult ballot for Didier Deschamps, next Tuesday the final outcome that can turn into a night of terror like the one lived twenty years ago in the duel that the Gauls lost for 1-2 against Bulgaria and that left them out of the USA World Cup 94. Regarding the African teams, Nigeria and Ivory Coast seal their pass; on the terrain, very competitive teams that are sure to do well in Brazil 2014, but as always they carry the fame of having a lot of talent and physical strength but little tactical rigor. The last place will be played between Cameroon and Tunisia.

Regarding our selection, the misnamed "La Roja", name invented by friends of Mediapro, Much has been said this week about the game that was played yesterday in Malabo, where part of Spanish society has not welcomed this participation for obviously political and humanitarian reasons. Equatorial Guinea is ruled by a middling dictator as we live it, especially those of us who are of a certain age, in Spain. In my opinion, a certain degree of danger towards the integrity of the players by the Equatorial Guinean population, that wild and uncontrolled mob fired up by the presence of our players - yours too - is the negative touch of this presence, Yes OK, security has worked and luckily being a friendly there have been no injuries, despite the fact that some Guinean players have been used extensively without necessity. Good, about Guineans for saying something because their selection is made up of twelve Spaniards, three Colombians, two Brazilians and many others from other parts of Africa who had not been to Equatorial Guinea or on vacation.

However, We must not forget that Equatorial Guinea was a colony and national territory until 12 October 1968, date you got your independence. It is the only territory on the African continent, where the official language is Spanish, In addition, many of the players on their team are born in Spain and the only link with the Guinean country so far were their parents or even grandparents.. Politics shouldn't mix with sport, although it is inevitable on many occasions. Sport should be a symbol of union and détente between countries, if with this we manage to overcome and save the disagreements that may have existed since its independence from Spain with a population subject to a dictatorial regime as we have said before, that's what we have ahead. Personally, I think it's very good that the national team played in Malabo, I see no reason why his presence has served to extol the figure of a dictator. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it must have had something to do with it, everything must have been meditated and not subject to chance or perhaps it has just commanded as always, the greatest of policies, the ever powerful gift of money.

It seems that the LFP is in a hurry to get into all those aspects that make football exclusively for the powerful. Those who with money can choose to get new talented players, despite the fact that their home clubs have been the ones that have invested in the development and maturity of the footballers of the immediate future. One of the LFP's proposals is to protect the quarries from "vultures", players with less than 16 years that, due to their age, cannot sign contracts with their home clubs and are at the mercy of talent scouts. This initiative is a demand of sports directors, to protect and promote grassroots football, since with the current circumstances many clubs choose not to invest in these important categories. Difficult ballot facing Tebas and its board but all the new initiatives, as the best cast on televisions and this, they will always be welcome for the most modest clubs. Although Mr. Tebas since his arrival has only shown signs of worrying verbal bravado and little predisposition to change what really affects Spanish football.

Sergio Barres

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