Do you know Gianni De Biasi?

Do you know Gianni De Biasi?

Gianni De Biasi is the national hero of Albania. The Italian coach has managed to rank first Albanians for a continental competition was also doing near a couple of years for the World Cup in Brazil 2014.

Italian coach born in 1956 It is a classic of Italian modest ower. Before that he was a professional player and played for clubs like Brescia, Vicenza, Palermo and Pescara but also wore the zamarra Inter Milan in the mid 70. He began practicing as a coach in the early 90 just a year after retiring from the pitch.

However, despite carrying more than two decades on the bench, the coach has spent most of his career in Italy sets modest except in Albania where their experience has gotten most of his career machada and a short career a few months between the end of 2007 and mid 2008. The coach came to a wounded Levante in several facets not only in sports but also in other areas such as social and economic.

Despite not finishing the season as went to Torino where he is also an idol, before the end of the season and although it was not the best year in the house granota, the Levantine fans have good memories and good taste of Italian over the Levant and by extension, the Spanish League. But certainly better they will remember where it is in Albania where the Italian coach has done a spectacular job.

Gianni De Biasi in his time as coach Torino.
Gianni De Biasi at its stage as Levante coach.

Under its mandate, Albanians were fighting for access to the World Brazil 2014, feat that could not be finally consummated. Although machada only had to wait a couple of years and in a group easy, Albanians have managed to be among the best in Europe and in turn Gianni De Biasi, He has managed to put his name in golden letters forever in the beleaguered country in Eastern Europe.

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