Ianis Hagi, new talent in Romania

Ianis Hagi, new talent in Romania
With his family tree had to take blood talent © PHOTO: Sport Pictures

Ianis Hagi He was unveiled to the world with a spectacular goal with Sub 21 of his country, but nevertheless, his name is linked to one of the great players of the year 90. And you talk about it a while ago when he joined Fiorentina in the children of two other classics of that era but after his recent performances his name sounds louder. And it's no wonder seeing his footballing pedigree with his father and uncle, possibly the two best of the Romanian team for more than a decade.

Ianis Hagi, descendant of a long line of players

Do they sound surnames Hagi Y Popescu?, because how could it be otherwise we talked about the son of Gica Hagi and nephew Gica Popescu, Ianis Hagi who in his country and could reach that point talent to his father, ‘The Maradona of the Carpathians‘. Big words certainly. Unknown so far, His name became a trend in Romanian sports media after a spectacular goal from 25 meters that marked fault with sub 21 Romanian.

Though unlike his father, with a glove on his left, his right leg is good with which they also scored an Olympic goal against Bosnia. Ianis was in the Fiorentina to the winter market 2018 when the club president his father, he future Constanza, payment 2 million euros for the kid, born in 1998. There team shares with the son of another legendary of 90, Rivaldo. It is still early to know if it will have a similar career of his father, but of course, We'll be alert.

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