International search order by calling “gordo chanta” to Chilavert

International search order by calling “gordo chanta” to Chilavert
Gerardo Pelusso, current coach of Deportivo Cali (Photo: antenna 2)

Criminal Justice Sandra Farias issued Tuesday a international arrest warrant for coach Gerardo Pelusso, currently coach of Deportivo Cali Colombia, after the former goalkeeper Jose Luis Chilavert has denounced him for defamation.

The Uruguayan coach, in a recent interview, I call “chanta fat scoundrel” former Paraguayan keeper making this home a complaint against him. Last 19 of March, the judge investigating the case ordered the rebellion of Gerardo Pelusso as it was not brought to trial.

But nevertheless, Technical lawyer indicated that his client does not have to comply with Paraguayan law as it is training in Colombia and made statements to an Uruguayan radio therefore considers that the complaint can not take place in Paraguay, which it was filed by José Luis Chilavert, which requires the technician 400.000 dollars in compensation.

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