Paco Jemez, ¿overrated?

Paco Jemez, ¿overrated?
Paco Jemez has chained down with Ray and destitution in Granada in a few months.

Is Paco Jemez overrated? Life around football is nothing, but nothing, easy. Reaching the elite is a long, dark journey that not all participants are able to complete until final, it is included, prorrogarla. What if, there are many players who reach the professional level and, After "hanging up his boots", They are enfrascan in the arduous task of training, failing in the attempt. few other, they were never truly short dress, also try their luck in this sector, obtaining little success.

For this reason, the coaching profession is more complicated and difficult to carry. They are the focus of praise and, especially, reviews, constantly exposing themselves to doubts and firings. If anyone knows precisely this, Paco Jemez that is. In fact, It was recently dismissed from the bench Granada.

Jemez talk is talk about one of the most renowned Spanish football technicians. His strong character is perhaps his best hallmark. Man committed to his work and his ideals, to the point of taking them to end even knowing that perhaps this could backfire, something that is becoming routine for him.

His long experience in Second Division and First, She has led to good Paco to be in the crosshairs of big Spanish clubs, going so far as to run in his day as the leading candidate to replace Vicente Del Bosque in national team. But the fact is that, for one thing or another, Mr. canary fails to make that leap in his career, which leads us to the next question: Paco Jemez Is an overrated coach?

Paco Jemez is a coach of a peculiar profile. very media.
Paco Jemez is a coach of a peculiar profile. very media.

No one can question his talent. In fact, If you train at elite for nothing. But nevertheless, the top teams do not just rely on your figure as the linchpin of a sports project, ¿For something will be? If we consider his deeds, The highlight was the play-off promotion to the First Division with Córdoba, and debut season with Rayo Vallecano, where he got permanence and brushed back in the European places 2013. Since then, there is little to highlight.

Everyone will have their opinions, However, get big things with small sets is shown that it is not impossible. Paco Jemez has failed, despite its quality and its good way to see and understand this game. Time puts everything in its place, and may someday see Jemez leading a large or having reaped things with modest equipment. For the moment, this circumstance is not occurring. We'll see if in the end its value as a coach is fired, O, Conversely, It is clearly diminished.

What do you think, Is Paco Jemez overrated?

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