Robin Van Persie close to losing an eye

Robin Van Persie close to losing an eye
This is how Robin Van Persie's eye ended after a fortuitous blow.

Everyone knows the Dutchman Robin Van Persie, one of the best strikers has given European football over the last decade. But Dutch striker's career could be in serious danger. Van Persie suffered an elbow during the game he played with Akhisar Belediye Fenerhbace before, the tenth day of the League of Turkey. The French player beat, Abdoul Sissoko, He impacted on one of the eyes of the Dutch who had to be removed and evacuated to a hospital emergency.

As he confirmed by the club doctor, the player suffered a tear and bleeding on the eyelid, what came to spread the news that the eye of the player was in serious risk. Then filtered the prognosis was good and that despite the severity of the injury, the eye of the Dutch striker was in no danger. Van Persie, He had scored the first goal for his team moments before suffering this spectacular coup.

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