The top ten players 2014

The top ten players 2014

Who are the top ten players 2014?. The year ended, touch review the best and worst of the year 2014 in the world of football. This time, plays over what are in our opinion, the top ten players of the year. After agreeing on our editorial, one deliverada consultation and assess all year 2014 as a whole from January to December, These are in our opinion the “Top Ten” of footballers 2014.

1-Cristiano Ronaldo

The Portuguese may like less or more, good or really bad fall but you can not deny that the 2014 It has been a full year for him. A record goalscorer especially in the second part of 2014 and a state of excellent way you make maximum favorite to win the Ballon d'Or, what would be his third. As negative, He failed again in World. However for our editorial, He was the best player of the year.

2-Sergio Ramos

With almost total agreement by all the world. The 2014 It was the year the Real Madrid defender who also, he scored two decisive goals in two lethal butting, which tied the minute 93 the party that gave the Champions League to Real Madrid and head in the Club World Cup. As in the case of Cristiano loose a World Cup stop him from completing a nearly perfect year.

Sergio Ramos has completed a 2014.
Sergio Ramos has completed a 2014.

3-Manuel Neuer

The German goalkeeper was by permission of Ochoa and others as the best goalkeeper Keylor Navas World Cup Brazil 2014. Thanks to him, Germany proclaimed World Champion 24 years later. Winner of the Bundesliga, its lunar was perhaps the Champions. But nevertheless, German was the goalkeeper of the year and one of the best players in the 2014.

4-Leo Messi

It was the best year yet Argentine, ended the 2014 with a good number of goals scored and pulverized several records as the top scorer in the history of the League and the top scorer in the history of the Champions. Accustomed to a superhuman level, it seems that some achievements to other players would be great for him, They are not enough and seem even loose. He was named best player in Brazil 2014 although the prize, even he recognized as FIFA, It was not entirely fair, nor Leo himself believed. Even so, lowering its level still remains one of the best and finished the 2014 again he nominated for the Golden Ball.

5-Diego Godín

Another defense scratched at high altitude during the 2014. Uruguayan Atletico Madrid was a stronghold on the winning team of the Spanish League 2013/14 Besides giving your head in strategy plays a lot of points, including that gave the final point at the Camp Nou.

The goal of Godín confirmed the title of Atletico in the Nou Camp.
The goal of Godín confirmed the title of Atletico in the Nou Camp.

6-Toni Kroos

He finished the 2014 as head of the midfield of Real Madrid. Before, He did at Bayern Munich and the German world champion in Brazil. He crowned a great year with several great goals that makes the German is one of the best players in this 2014 for Colgados.

7-Thomas Müller

With 24 years and two World, German striker was near the top scorers in the history of the World. With the goal between the eyes, the Bayern Munich player has been one of the best strikers of the season. Perhaps he deserved better individual prize in the World 2014.


Koke asks step in Spain. Much of football Atletico Madrid was proclaimed league champions and reached the final of the Champions passed through his boots. Del Bosque gave the alternative when all was lost in Brazil 2014 but the second part of 2014, It has been shown that young Koke, It is called to be an important piece of Spanish football in the coming years.

9-Thibaut Courtois

The lanky Belgian goalkeeper was one of the best goalkeepers in the Spanish League and the Champions. He played the first part of 2014 in Atletico Madrid who gave the stroke in both competitions and finished the second half of the year as a Chelsea goalkeeper advancing full steam in the Premier.

Thibaut Courtois was one of the best goalkeepers in the 2014.
Thibaut Courtois was one of the best goalkeepers in the 2014.

10-Arjen Robben

It was the dagger Guardiola at Bayern Munich and Van Gaal of Holland in World 2014 from which he pulled the car on more than one occasion. He has been named best Dutch footballer of the year 2014 by the press in his country.

As a whole list, ours is subjective. If you do not agree or have other names you can leave those who are your 10 Top on our list of comments. We want to know what have been for you, the best of this 2014.

Alberto Llopis

Alberto Llopis

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