Major accidents football teams: the greatest tragedies

Major accidents football teams: the greatest tragedies
So was the plane carrying Manchester United in 1958.

Unfortunately we usually face serious accidents. As you can imagine, the football world is no stranger to disasters of this type throughout its history. Recall the major tragedies football teams:

1- Superga crash: the 4 May 1949, Torino returned to Turin after playing a friendly match against Benfica in Lisbon. What should have been a peaceful flight for a team that had won five consecutive Serie A titles, It was a flight of terror. Fiat G.212 CP airplane he was traveling Torino template crashed against the seawall back embankment of the Basilica of Superga, on the outskirts of Turin causing 31 deaths, including 18 players who made up the staff of that course.

A dramatic episode that even upset the plans of the national team (ten of his eleven starters were from Torino) who traveled to the World Cup in Brazil by boat on the fear of living a similar situation. Torino was proclaimed champion of the tournament and presented rivals, when they face belonged to Torino, youth formations. A nice tribute, definitely.

Superga was the first major air crash in football.
Superga was the first major air crash in football.

2- Munich tragedy: Manchester United returned one 6 February 1958 happy to have sealed his city after Belgrade against Red Star the semifinals of the European Cup in which he played measured at AC Milan. As in Superga, what should be a flight without further, It became a nightmare. A stop in Munich to refuel at fault. Then captain of the flight, James Thain, He made two attempts to take off but was forced to withdraw due to various problems suffered by engines. The weather that day did not accompany since the wind was important and the track was freezing. On the third attempt, to 3:04 pm, the plane failed to gain adequate height and crashed into a land adjacent to the airport, in a house without inhabitants.

Although the initial investigations indicated the pilot as responsible for the accident, Later it was learned that the accident had been caused by the formation of slush at the end of the track, which caused deceleration on the plane, thus preventing him back up to a safe speed flight.

Old Trafford this watch indicates the time and day of the air crash 58.
Old Trafford this watch indicates the time and day of the air crash 58.

The balance was shuddering. They died 23 of the 44 persons on the aircraft including eight players in the England team. In return, They survived illustrious as coach Matt Busby and Sir Bobby Charlton, characters you would turn the resurrection of a club that ten years later proclaimed champion of Europe for the first time in a nice tribute to this terrible accident deaths.

3- Tragedy selection Denmark. Eight players from the national team of Denmark were killed when the plane they were traveling crashed upon takeoff from Kastrup, Copenhagen.

4- Tragedia de Green Cross. A plane crash 3 April 1961 to 23:57 hours when a Douglas DC-3 aircraft was carrying part of the staff of Green Cross Chile, his trainer and kinesiologist, in addition to 3 referees, He crashed into the northeast slope of the mountain in full Andes hurt because of a fire in the machine.

The result: They died 24 people, they could have been more template not been divided into two flights to return from that dramatic encounter in Osorno belonging to the Cup of Chile.

5- Tragedia The Strongest: The 26 September 1969 all components of Bolivian football team “The Strongest” They died in a plane crash occurred in Viloco, 70 kilometers southeast of La Paz, in the Andes of Tres Cruces after disputing a meeting of friendly character organized by the Football Association Cruceña. Ironies of life, It was the same day the country was convulsed by the coup of Alfredo Ovando Candia against President Luis Adolfo Siles Salinas.

6- Alianza Lima tragedy. December Eight 1987 Unfortunately again it raged a team, again another historic. The Club Alliance Lima, the referent of Peruvian soccer of that time was leading the classification with ease back on a chartered for the occasion of a meeting in Pucallpa flight belonging to a new day of league. But nevertheless, this return was postponed forever. Fokker aircraft of the Navy of Peru which plunged into the sea when he was a few kilometers from Jorge Chavez International Airport at the height of the chalaca town of Ventanilla.

Lima lived in one of the worst accidents has had a football team.
The Alliance of Lima experienced one of the worst accidents he has had a football team.

The only survivor was the pilot that plane Edilberto Villar Molina, perishing all club players and the coaching staff led by coach Marcos Calderon. Alianza Lima finished the championship 1987 playing with youthful and some players lent by the Chilean club Colo-Colo that, due to the affinity between the fans of the two clubs, He attended quickly to the aid of the Peruvian club.

There were many rumors about this accident and too much suspicion. But the only certainty, He is left 43 dead, and only one survivor.

7- Zambia tragedy. In April 1993, a military aircraft carrying the Zambian football team crashed into the sea while on his way to Senegal for a qualifying match for the World Cup 1994. They died in total 30 people.

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