Mussolini's great-grandson arrives in Serie A

Mussolini's great-grandson arrives in Serie A
Romano Floriani Mussolini, the great-grandson footballer of 'Il Duce'. PHOTO: Yahoo Sports

Romano Floriani Mussolini. With this surname he answers nothing more and nothing less than the soccer great-grandson of Benito Mussolini. The leader of fascism that emerged in Italy in the years 20 20th century and dictator of the country until his execution in 1945. A surname that he carries of his own free will since in Italy only the first surname is taken and that of Mussolini comes from his mother, Alessandra, granddaughter of ‘Il Duce’ and former deputy of the Italian parliament.

Romano Floriani Mussolini, Mussolini's great-grandson who plays for Lazio

His name rang in February 2021 when he signed his first professional contract with Lazio, team by the way quite related to ideology and fascist movements in Italy. And then he gained more impact after being called up for his first game (Lazio defeat 4 a 1 against Verona) just days after the controversy broke out with the Spanish trainer of the Lazio eagle and his fascist salute.

"Here at Lazio I am judged only by the way I play and not because my last name is Mussolini", the young man stated in an interview with The messenger in relation to people who only look at their surname.

Now Romano Floriani, name that appears on his shirt with the number 44 and that acts as a central, has reached Serie A waiting to debut its 18 years. Meanwhile, will continue to serve in the Lazio spring team. What is clear that with his surname and family tree, will not go unnoticed.

Benito Mussolini and his relationship with football

His great-grandfather was related to the world of football at the time. Mythical and known is that of ‘ganar o morir‘, the clear and concise message that he sent to the Italian team that won the World Cup 1938 and that I already knew what awaited them if they didn't get it.

The name of Benito Mussolini was also present in the story of Luis Monti, the man who played 2 World Cup finals with 2 different picks in a spy plot, world and world championships.

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