Groups, schedules and where to watch the Eurocup matches

Groups, schedules and where to watch the Eurocup matches
Check where to watch the Eurocup on TV. PHOTO: Selección Española

The next 11 June will start a new edition of the Eurocup, which should have been played last year, but it had to be postponed as a result of the serious health crisis caused by Covid-19. The maximum tournament at the national level in the old continent is here, and the best national teams will meet in a competition that is presumed exciting.

Besides, the new format jumps onto the scene, where there will not be a fixed headquarters as happened on other occasions, rather, there will be several cities that will host ‘Euro 2021’ matches..

In the case of Spain, Sevilla, and more specifically the La Cartuja Stadium, They will be in charge of serving as the stage for the dispute of said meetings. Such a sports venue has a capacity close to 60.000 spectators, although access will only be allowed to some 16.000 aficionados.

Next, We detail what the groups will be, schedules and where they can see all the matches of this Eurocup 2021 thanks to

This is how the Groups are made

Group A: Türkiye, Italia, Wales and Switzerland - Venues: Rome and Baku

B Group: Denmark, Finland, Belgium and Russia - Venues: Copenhagen and Saint Petersburg

Group C: Netherlands, Ukraine, Austria and North Macedonia - Venues: Bucharest and Amsterdam

group D: England, Croatia, Scotland and Czech Republic - Venues: London and Glasgow

Group E: Spain, Sweden, Poland and Slovakia - Venues: Seville and Saint Petersburg

Group F: Hungary, Portugal, France and Germany - Venues: Budapest and Munich

Hours and dates

The matches of the first day of the group stage will be played between the 11 and the 15 of June. The second day will take place between the days 16 y 19 y, finally, the third day will be between 20 y 23 of that month.

These are the exact times:

Group A

11/06/2021. Roma: Italia – Türkiye

12/05/2021. Baku: Gales – Swiss

16/06/2021. Baku: Türkiye – Gales

16/06/2021. Roma: Italia – Swiss

20/06/2021. Baku: Swiss – Türkiye

20/06/2021. Roma: Italy - Wales

B Group

12/06/2021. Copenhagen: Denmark – Finland

12/05/2021. St. Petersburg: Belgium – Russia

16/06/2021. St. Petersburg: Finland – Russia

17/06/2021. Copenhagen: Denmark – Belgium

21/06/2021. Copenhagen: Russia – Denmark

21/06/2021. St. Petersburg: Finland – Belgium

Group C

13/06/2021. Amsterdam: Netherlands – Ukraine

13/05/2021. Bucharest: Austria – North macedonia

17/06/2021. Amsterdam: Netherlands – Austria

17/06/2021. Bucharest: Ukraine – North macedonia

21/06/2021. Amsterdam: North macedonia – Netherlands

21/06/2021. Bucharest: Ukraine – Austria

group D

13/06/2021. London: England – Croatia

14/05/2021. Glasgow: Scotland – Czech Republic

18/06/2021. Glasgow: Croatia – Czech Republic

18/06/2021. London: England – Scotland

22/06/2021. Glasgow: Croatia – Scotland

22/06/2021. London: Czech Republic - England

Group E

13/06/2021. Sevilla: Spain – Sweden

14/05/2021. St. Petersburg: Poland – Slovakia

18/06/2021. St. Petersburg: Sweden – Slovakia

18/06/2021. Sevilla: Spain – Poland

22/06/2021. Sevilla: Spain – Slovakia

22/06/2021. St. Petersburg: Sweden - Poland

Group F

15/06/2021. Budapest: Hungary – Portugal

15/05/2021. Munich: France – Germany

19/06/2021. Budapest: Hungary – France

19/06/2021. Munich: Portugal – Germany

23/06/2021. Budapest: Portugal – France

23/06/2021. Munich: Germany – Hungary

Where to see all the matches of the Eurocup 2021

Consulta donde ver la Eurocopa en tv. To be able to enjoy each and every one of the matches that will be played throughout this European Championship 2021 is the goal of many fans. Nevertheless, this mission is not an easy task, although the companions of they have put it on a tray.

Through this platform you will be able to enjoy the excitement of the ‘Euro’ without missing anything. A unique opportunity to experience the best football, and that you cannot ignore.

Carlos Garrido

Carlos Garrido

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