Aspiring to crack the Real Madrid Hats

Aspiring to crack the Real Madrid Hats
Aimar Centeno had the opportunity to travel and be aspiring player Real Madrid. PHOTO:

Life takes many turns, and too often it ends up taking you down paths that would probably never expected. That could certainly be the case of the protagonist of this article, Aimar Centeno, who with 16 years had a dream, be professional football and play in the best clubs. The truth is that at least tried and became aspiring crack of Real Madrid.


When I was a teenager, He won in 2002 a reality show called soccer in Argentina Road to gloryBetween 12.000 participants, just one would go to Spain to try with Real Madrid at that time was known as the team “Galácticos” by the amount of stars that accumulated the team at that time also chaired by Florentino Perez.

He traveled to Madrid, she met Ronaldo, Makelele, Zidane, Casillas, Raul, Cambiasso, Roberto Carlos and other figures who had the Real Madrid back then but as is obvious, He never got to play with them. In fact bad luck was fattened with him and he was injured in the first training session with the second team Real Madrid so he had to return to Argentina where he could not take despite his reputation, a career as a professional footballer.

He tried in River where he also caught on the opportunity and since then, he combined amateur football way all my neighbors with other work, from a hotel concierge to selling soda. Today, life as a truck driver wins and has had to leave his passion as an amateur footballer because working hours do not give it to train and play, as all my neighbors with the difference that he, It was the best among 12.000 kids and had his moment of fame.


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