The best young players in the early twenty-first century that nobody remembers

The best young players in the early twenty-first century that nobody remembers
Sinama-Pongolle was Boot and Golden Ball at the FIFA U-17 2001. Then he was snapped up by Liverpool and later made his career in Spain in clubs like Recre and Atletico among others. But he never became the crack that promised. PHOTO:

With the beginning of the XXI century, They were the best young players of the moment. But nevertheless, their careers then did not reach the point that was assumed. We already talked to you in several cases of players who were going to star and eventually crashed. We remind you of some of those who were most promising young people in the early years of this century and surely you not come to remember.

The best young footballers at the beginning of the 21st century

Fabio Gatti

In the year 2000, this Italian-born player 1982 He was among the 50 best young players in the world. He militated in the rows of Perugia, in Serie A with just 18 years and it was international Sub 21 with Italy. However the rest of his career was fairly modest incompressible.

He played in Naples if, but in the grim years of the Neapolitan box full of economic problems, when I was in the C1 something like the Spanish Third. It was not B since and wandered the amateur categories Italy until his retirement to 30 years.

best young players
Fabio Gatti was one of the most promising players in the world 2000. Photo:

Cherno Samba

He was a legend in the game Championship Manager of the time, which he reached an average of global crack. But nevertheless, his later career was not like that. Born in 1985 and internationally in lower categories of England, He has spent virtually his entire career in the Second and Third English. He came to sign for Cádiz but did not make his debut in the League, although he did in the Copa del Rey.

Cadiz team gave it to a subsidiary of Málaga and Ubeda and then also had some experience of Greek football. Definitely, nothing to do with the video game that became urban legend. In his stage as a cadista, he had a bad time to the point of starring in some scare as he himself told in an interview.

best young players
Cherno Samba with England shirt. PHOTO:

Francis Jeffers

English-born striker 1981, It was in the 2000 a boy of 19 very promising years playing for Everton. He became international with England after playing just one game combined with English. Then his career did not have much history and ended up playing in the second category of England, Scotland, Including Australia and Malta.

best young players
Francis Jeffers with England shirt. At 2000 He was one of the best young players in the world.


André Luciano da Silva better known as Pinga, He was a Brazilian-born 1981, Torino player and at that time, early XXI century was one of the best young players in the world. He played in several Italian teams and South America where they won a Libertadores. But the public barely remember.

David Aganzo

It was a promising striker in the quarry of Real Madrid in 2000. But nevertheless, his career was not very successful and triumphed in the white club. international sub 21 for many years, It was loaned to Espanyol and Levante, where he rose to first in 2004 granota with the team at the team of Manolo Preciado as a substitute Gustavo Reggi.

Then he went through the Racing de Santander, Beitar Jerusalem, Thunderbolt, Alaves, Hercules and Aris Thessaloniki Greek. He became famous for his relationship with Ronaldo's ex, Milene Domingues. He later became president of the AFE (Spanish Footballers Association)

best young players at the beginning of the 21st century
David Aganzo in his time as a Levante player. PHOTO: Lift EMV

johnnier montaño

Colombia had 17 years beyond the 2000 and he played in Parma. It was one of the most promising players in the world. However, despite being international with Colombia ever, He finished developing most of his career in the modest Peruvian soccer.

Ramon Calliste

In a fit of optimism someone, They came to baptise as “Ryan Giggs XXI century”. But the only thing that resembled the eternal '11’ Red Devils It is that the two are Welsh. He passed by the lower of the United, half of the first decade of 2000 He was signed by Liverpool, who loaned him to several minor teams in England and his career was diluted like a sugar to the point of being forgotten.

best young players
Ramon Calliste's shirt United in the early 2000. PHOTO: Constantine Parente –

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