Bonucci and the robbery attempt that changed the European champion

Bonucci and the robbery attempt that changed the European champion
Leonardo Bonucci, a self-made guy whose life and career almost changed. PHOTO: La Gazzetta

Just two weeks ago, the Italian team was crowned the new European champion at Wembley Stadium against England, in what was known as the "Wembleyazo”Of the Eurocup. And it is with the passing of the days that little by little we are looking at the great details that the transalpine team has left in the achievement of its second European title, approaching Spain and Germany in the tournament winners.

Above all, what is surprising is the great regeneration process that has been carried out and how Roberto Mancini has been able to integrate the new talents with the older ones.. And among those experienced we have a guy who junted to Giorgio Chiellini suma 70 years old in the center of defense. Leonardo Bonucci, a different type.

Leonardo Bonucci, a professional made from work

A footballer who had a hard time finding a place in top-level football and who just when he had managed to consolidate suffered an episode that he seems willing to want to forget, But remembering it always makes anyone's hair stand on end. An attempted robbery in which his reaction speaks highly of his personality and ability to solve problems. Like he did in that grand finale for his country, scoring the equalizer in the match and scoring the third penalty of the final shootout together after Andrea Belotti had missed his shot.

Bonucci had not scored a single goal with the national team for more than two years, and in fact he presented himself as one of the players who had the least chances to score a goal in the final. "The key is that it is difficult for both teams to score goals", commented Antonio Caro, specialist web writer in a review prior to the grand final of the Euro. And Leonardo was one of the players who had the highest odds to score a goal.. But the center-back pulled caste to completely change the final and impregnate the match with his personality. The one that has led him to overcome all difficulties. Even an assault.

The event that almost changed Bonucci's career and life

Who knows where the one from the town of Viterbo would be now if his audacity had played a trick on him in an autumn afternoon of 2012. The central defender came from having caught the attention of Inter Milan six years ago when he played for Viterbese in his hometown., but nevertheless, They did not see him strong enough and leadership to have him in the first team. After including him in a multi-gang operation and tanning in transfers in Serie B with Treviso and Pisa, ended up being owned by Genoa. In a new loan to Bari, already with his twenties passed and the hopes of being an elite footballer truncated in his head, was consolidated by playing almost all the matches of the campaign and showing an imposing regularity.

Juventus then saw in him that central future that he needed and time showed that “La Vecchia Signora” was not wrong. She had been in Turin for two years and her son had just been born, So he decided to treat himself to a post-summer treat with his wife, the model Martina Maccari. They both went to a Ferrari dealership with the little one to choose a new car, according to the story revealed by the medium The Gazeta of Sport. And went at the exit when two robbers were waiting to point a gun at his head and demand that he give them the watch.

Bonucci was immobile for a few seconds when witnessing such a scene. One of the guys was waiting on a motorcycle ready to flee with the loot, while his partner was the one who challenged the Italian player with the pistol. Martina had time to move the child's stroller away from the spotlight and protect it inside the car, while her husband slowly took off the minute hand. And anyone would have given the object to the assailant and would have given thanks for coming out of the episode unscathed, but in Leonardo's head from the beginning the idea of ​​recklessness remained. Well, it is still a risk to face an armed man.

The fact is that the azzurri He took advantage of a moment of distraction to hit the thief's arm and later hit him in the face that made him lose his balance and leave its mission as impossible. Thanks to the speed of his partner, the robber was able to flee on the motorcycle and get rid of Bonucci's wrath. Or that's what he thought because the central soon took over the controls of his car and chased the moped through the streets of Turin. To the shout of "What are you doing crazy? I'm going to shoot you ", the assailant tried to intimidate the footballer into stopping his intentions. And finally got it.

The family immediately went to the police station to report the incident, but it came to nothing for lack of data and evidence that could help the agents to identify the thieves or their vehicle. Although they will never forget the day they tried to rob Leonardo Bonucci without success.

Leonardo Bonucci
Bonucci, a warrior on the field and off it. PHOTO: Brand

Coincidence or not, Since then, the most scoring version of the defender appeared and in subsequent seasons he would end up becoming a true legend of Juventus and the Italian national team.. A bad experience that perfectly defines what Leonardo Bonucci is, a guy ready to take Italy to be a champion of Europe.

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