Casillas and Xavi: parallel careers, different goodbyes

Casillas and Xavi: parallel careers, different goodbyes

Iker Casillas and Xavi Hernandez, two of the best Spanish players in history, two players whose history is linked. Two players with a parallel career from start to finish, rivals and friends. Two of the greats of Spanish Liga with different goodbyes.

Casillas (1981) and Xavi (1980) They debuted very young in two of the giants of world football. Xavi in ​​Barcelona in August 1998 hand Van Gaal with just 18 years. Casillas did not take much more. debut un 12 September 1999 at San Mames, with the same age at which he had done Xavi. Even if Casillas, He had already traveled a little earlier with the first team when he was taken out of school to be the substitute goalkeeper Real Madrid in a Champions League match.

Both won the World Cup before that of 2010. It was in 1999 in that mythical U-20 team that won in Nigeria win the first World Cup for Spain. Together also jumped almost absolute selection. Although Iker arrived earlier and was summoned as third goalkeeper for Euro year 2000 where he was behind Jose Molina and Santi Cañizares.

Casillas and Xavi image celebrating the World 1999 a Nigeria.
Casillas and Xavi image celebrating the World 1999 a Nigeria.

Together they went to the World 2002, Euro 2004, the World 2006 and together they won the European Championship 2008, the World 2010 and Euro 2012. Together they lived through the disaster of World 2014 but after that appointment, Xavi decided to bid farewell to the team while Casillas continued to have the blessing of Del Bosque.

rivals, the captains of Barcelona and Real Madrid were also always great friends. Something that surely did not understand many who do not understand that football despite being a business and moving masses and feelings, It is a game and that one thing is what happens on the field and another what happens outside it. And more in two players who have shared so much since adolescence when they played in the inferiors of Spain.

Two parallel careers, contemporary yet have had a very different ending in the clubs of his life. Barcelona Xavi left the path of Arab football being a hero, ovacionado for Camp Nou filled to the brim, applauding wildly. With tears in his eyes and recognized by his people, by audience. Someone who has given so much to Barcelona and the Spanish team deserves no less. It goes through the front door and as an idol. As it is.

Xavi fired the height of which is home.
Xavi fired the height of which is home.

Iker Casillas it has more crumb. With football it seems to have no memory, which he has forgotten everything. He leaves by the back door after 16 years in Madrid where he remembered where one day memorable performances was the “Santo” but now it seems the devil. His hashtag #Casillaspesetero was known worldwide trend in network Twitter.

As I already happened to Raul himself who received a huge tribute Schalke where he spent two years but none in the Real Madrid where he spent a life, Casillas output is empty, by the back door as if 16 years had not existed. An idol disowned by many. Definitely, Iker Casillas and Xavi Hernandez, runs parallel but very different goodbyes.

#Casillaspesetero became TT on Twitter. Photo:
#CasillasPesetero became TT on Twitter. Photo:

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