What it is currently the best goalkeeper in the world?

What it is currently the best goalkeeper in the world?

Iker Casillas was elected during the last five years the best goalkeeper in the world according to IFFHS. But nevertheless, his absence prolonganda within the playing fields has opened the debate on who should supply you this next year as best goalkeeper in the world. In Colgados for soccer we raise our short list of five men:

1- Victor Valdes: Quick, intuitive and safe, Barcelona goalkeeper is such that the luxury of saving penalties is already allowed and pairs. It is a life insurance for your club and gradually begins to struggle ownership in the selection, where to go and be the first-choice goalkeeper for the World Cup. Good feet, effective one on one, his reflexes have prevented more than a stumble to Barcelona.

Victor Valdes is one of the best goalkeepers in the world right now.
Victor Valdes is one of the best goalkeepers in the world right now.

2- Thibaut Courtois: their 21 years is the goalkeeper of the future. High and sober, Theirs is not spectacular but the effectiveness and that few will win. Does not commit blunders, It is always correctly positioned and goes well above and below. It is clear that in many years will be the best goalkeeper in the world. But it is already?

3- Petr Cech: have 31 years and he is the culprit that Courtois is not in Chelsea. It is going through one of the sweetest of his career and his great match against Bayern in the last moments still remembered Supercopa, as well as their essential role in wins in the Europa League and Champions 2013 Y 2012. While their weak point is the penalty spot, in other facets of just low 9.

4- Diego López: as we noted a few days ago as one of the best in the world. His good form has given him the title ahead of Iker Casillas and that's a lot to talk. For everything possible and also something impossible, fruit of their good time. Well above, good feet, great in the hand to hand and quick reflexes, Yes, keep going like this, we'll see if it does not go to the World.

One who was and one that is ...
One was and one that is…

5- Manuel Neuer: Germany goalkeeper deserves this also be included in the list because not in vain given the title of European Super Cup to Bayern. Quick, agile with excellent reflexes, Unexplained sometimes makes mistakes that relegate last place in this list. Guardiola has said recently that it is the best goalkeeper ever seen. We will give a vote of confidence.

Other great goalkeepers who are not on the list: Iker Casillas (not to play), Gianluigi Buffon (still life insurance), Hart (excellent goalkeeper), Hugo Lloris (very great way Tottenham), De Egea (holder in the United), Pepe Reina (booming after his arrival at Naples), Samir Handanovic.

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