Deportivo 1- Real Madrid 2: Higuain gives last-gasp victory

Deportivo 1- Real Madrid 2: Higuain gives last-gasp victory
Deportivo 1- Real Madrid 2: Higuain gives last-gasp victory

Like against Rayo Vallecano last week, Real Madrid was supported by Kaka and won Riazor (1-2) during his visit to bottom club, sporting, to which he was long the match after being ahead on the scoreboard with a goal by Riki, his best man.

A) Yes, Riazor saw how he escaped the dream of a balsamic victory, I would have taken the last since the team, Mourinho when Cristiano Ronaldo ushered.

It marked the Portuguese in a field that resists, but spread to his teammates and was associated with Kaka, which contributed to the white comeback with the equalizer and a pass Cristiano, in the minute 88, which in turn he attended Higuaín for Argentina complete the job and leave more touched Deportivo.

Mourinho, I saw Di María drove out the discount for a second yellow, He thought about the next two weeks to begin on Tuesday for Real Madrid, with visits to Barcelona in the Copa del Rey and Manchester United in the Champions League, and he rotated at the meeting of Riazor, in which he rested Cristiano Ronaldo and attacked the Deportivo with Di Maria, Kaka, Callejón and Higuaín.

Sporting, expected changes in Madrid, though probably not many, it was proposed not wait to give space and to put to battle with intelligence and speed Valerón and stuck Riki.

The most effective time in his career, the front formed in the white quarry committed first Diego Lopez, the only Galician among 22 Headlines, with a shot from the side of the area that the goalkeeper deflected with problems, unable to tackle it. Riki not marked then, but he realized how he could hurt.

Deportivo received at Madrid with a slight pressure in midfield, more intense in the backline attack, that Mourinho tried to overcome passes from the boundary, the back of the central.

In one such attempt, Aranzubia flew to clear the ball and took the middle Sílvio, who he was dizzy and had to be replaced, minutes later, for midfielder, Alex Bergantinos, because Deportivo had no defenses on the bench.

The real Madrid, plano, unclearly he approached the blue and white area, alone with danger from set pieces, and a free-kick from Di Maria forced Aranzubia to stretch to the maximum.

The ball was the Madrid, but chances, bottom club, that grazed the goal with a shot Pizzi threaded past the half hour and held ten minutes before the break with a left Riki, again a difficult angle, he sent the ball between Diego Lopez and short stick.

Di Maria and Kaka to Real Madrid tried to lift, but white is neglected and could be behind the second before the end of the first part. Marcelo avoided the head, the sticks, a shot Pizzi, he had sat Pepe, and Diego Lopez regained confidence after a shot from Bruno Gama.

The Madrid, he had tired of playing the ball without hurting, He also forgave his only effective remedy, passes above the waterline Deportivo, but there was Aranzubia to save his team, the most goals conceded in La Liga, in a dogfight with Alley.

The former Espanyol, who ended the game on defense, Nor she was fine at the start of the second half after a cross from Higuain, the first proof that Real Madrid would exhibit greater attitude against a Deportivo who resisted as he could and lost in the attempt to Kaka with a thigh injury.

The coruñés team had to regroup with another midfielder out of position (Jesus Vazquez) and Mourinho, tired of waiting, he took while Cristiano Ronaldo, Khedira and Özil to find the equalizer.

Two goals annulled for offside Higuain and Ronaldo alerted Deportivo, to which he began making long game. It smelled the tie because the whole city had put in reserve midfield.

And the first goal of Madrid came to lack of 17 minutes in a play in which the opponent made him think and run, especially the Brazilian Kaka, that began and ended with a formidable thread, impossible for Aranzubia.

Espanyol goalkeeper did not reach the ball, but it foiled five minutes after the goal of Cristiano, I had left behind Álex Bergantiños and Marchena, and later gaze cleared a header from Portuguese player, always hungry.

Sports resistance over two minutes remaining, when he emerged again Kaka in midfield, uncheck took advantage of Cristiano Ronaldo and Portuguese, before the departure of Aranzubia, He gave the goal to Higuain to leave Deportivo even more agonizing.

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