Diego Alves, the "parapenaltis"

Diego Alves, the "parapenaltis"
Diego Alves is the best goalkeeper "parapenaltis" history of the League. Photo: Libertaddigital.com

During a football game they pass a huge amount of time in which it is impossible not to get carried away and make your body look invaded by a host of emotions and feelings. But, within this set of moments, there is a special moment, magical, what, unlike many other occasions, You can turn to the front in a small and the keeper being a giant figure. We talk about the launch from the 11 meters: the penalty shot. And if there is an expert in these conflicts, that is none other than Diego Alves.

The Brazilian goalkeeper landed in Almeria back in 2007, becoming the first goalkeeper of that country to debut in the top flight of Spanish football. His beginnings were not good, However, quality and managed to settle her work in the starting eleven and get the shocking figure of 677 minutes without conceding a goal. His success grew in goal, which I led him to take a leap in his career and joining Valencia CF, which remains part of the workforce today.

Even though, Unbeaten minutes beyond spectacular stops, Diego Alves stands in a field where very few counterparts comrades are able to do. In their 10 in our league seasons, He has had to deal with a total of 41 penalties, which it has failed to stop 19 from them. This significant fact has made good one goalkeeper Alves. World-class players like Kanoute, Fernando llorente, Diego Costa, Carlos Bacca, Rakitic, Griezman, it is included, Cristiano Ronaldo and Leo Messi, They know firsthand what is crashing Mittens this "parapenaltis".

Definitely, rarely we see a doorman who feel so comfortable in such a situation and has managed to make a virtue of one of the biggest weaknesses that exist around their profession. Where some risk, They take their chances and stagger, Alves stands firm, safe and effective. Makes one and was the first on our list of goalkeepers parapenaltis.

Carlos Garrido

Carlos Garrido

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