parapenaltis doormen: the best archers in stopping penalties

parapenaltis doormen: the best archers in stopping penalties
Sergio Goycochea made history in Italy 90 as one of the best goalkeepers in the history parapenaltis. Also by a strange ritual. Photo: Archive

In the world of football, penalties are a key element in solving many meetings, especially in later stages. It's there, when the porters are of great importance and constitute a key element. In Hanged For Football, We review the best goalkeepers parapenaltis:

Diego Alves: in the Europa League we have seen further evidence of his success. The Brazilian goalkeeper adds incredible streak 15 Penalties detainees 32 releases. His speed and reflexes make him a life insurance from 11 meters. While slashing the effectiveness 50% detained or penalty missed by contraries. simply, spectacular, as it is also your intuition.

Sergio Goycochea: the Argentine goalkeeper Neri Pumpido deputy was one of the great stars of the World 1990. An injury of goalkeeper bético then opened the door of title and did not waste. Argentina stood in the final, because the goalkeeper stopped five maximum penalties in the championship. curiously, in the end, He could not stop the release of the penalty that gave the title to Germany. Spectacular and agile, It is the most famous parapenaltis of recent football history.

Pepe Reina: Son of Miguel Reina, another excellent goalkeeper, Pepe began his fame stopping penalties in the final against Villarreal Atletico Madrid. After an end of FA Cup against West Ham the consolidated stopping three maximum penalties. Champions, against Chelsea became a legend of the porters who stop penalties. Intuitive and fast, It is a scholar of where to throw penalties specialists. Balotelli was the last illustrious victim but on his resume include 16 atajados penalties in 65 releases.

Pepe Reina is one of the world's best parapenaltis.
Pepe Reina is one of the world's best parapenaltis.

Andreas Kopke: if Germany won the European Championship 1996 It was because this citizen of Nuremberg embroidered it on penalties. Kahn's predecessor and successor Illgner, always he stood out for its simplicity and ability reflexes. It was in the orbit of Barcelona, but ultimately he never got to leave Germany.

Santiago Canizares: possibly a penalty shoot brings you the worst memory of his career, because it lost the final of the European Cup 2001 against Bayern Munich. But nevertheless, not forget that in the same game, He stopped up to three maximum penalties. That was not, only outstanding was the only meeting where the manchego. In many, He proved his worth in the sticks 11 meters. Leader, of which bloca the ball and does not believe in the rebound, only one team to mark the luxury of more than three goals allowed in his career: Inter Milan, in Mestalla.

Ismael Falcón: is difficult to be in the well of the second division and belong to this list. Of course, if you stopped six of the seven penalties that you have thrown in the season you can afford. In the case of Hercules goalkeeper, life insurance from eleven meters.

Helmuth Duckadam: Hero of Seville 1986. If you are on this list, it is because a spring night that year the luxury of giving a European Cup Steaua Bucharest to their stopping up to four Barcelona penalties allowed. His career was somewhat dark because it is rumored that he broke both hands for not wanting to give Nicu Ceausescu Mercedes Benz , son of the great Romanian dictator of the time, He had given her Ramón Mendoza to stop those four penalties.

Ricardo Pereira: who does not remember the Portuguese goalkeeper was the bane of England in the mid 2000. At Euro 2004 He eliminated the English on penalties allowing the luxury of taking off the gloves and stop the launch later mark Ahsley Cole himself while giving the pass to the semifinals. In the world Cup 2006, even improved its performance. He stopped three maximum penalties…as…again English.

Manuel Neuer: Kaka, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lisandro López, Bruno Alvés, Juan Mata are some of the men have not been able to beat from 11 meters to one of the best goalkeepers in the world. Its large and rapidly encourage him to mark him from the spot it is rather a “almost impossible”. In something, You will have to see that his idol is Jens Lehmann. 19 Penalties of detainees 59 Releases endorse him.

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