How Mexican teams are worth?

How Mexican teams are worth?

How Mexican teams are worth?. A few days before the start of the Mexico opening tournament, like every semester, the teams have made their additions to face what will be an exciting opening tournament under the format applied by Liga MX.

The Mexican championship is one of the ones that move the most money and pay the best within its continent, so the costs in proportion there are high but they still sound far from those that move in the main European leagues..

It is surprising that neither the champion nor the runner-up of the last edition are among the most expensive teams in the Aztec tournament or what is the same to say, that neither the América nor Cruz Azul squads are among the most expensive.

Tigres is the most expensive team in Mexico

The Tigres squad is the most expensive in Mexico. Está valorada en 44 MEURO, Lucas Lobos being his most valued player in some 3,5 millions. Lobos went through the Spanish League through the ranks of Cádiz although he did not succeed in his time in Europe. There is an institution.

The second most expensive team in Liga MX also comes from Monterrey. Tigres' eternal rival is the second most expensive team in Mexico. With some 42 millions of dollars, the striped ones as they are called, they are the second team with the most expensive squad in the mexican championship.

Rayados del Monterrey are the most expensive team in Mexico
Rayados del Monterrey are the second most expensive team in Mexico

The Monarchs of Jefferson Montero, Another acquaintance of the Spanish fans after passing through Villarreal, Levante and Betis, It is the third team with the largest budget in Mexico. With cases 35 million ranks third. Jefferson Montero himself is the most valued player in the squad.

The champion, el América, occupies the fourth place with 34 million and the fifth step is for Chivas de Guadalajara who manage some 32 MEURO. This is the complete table made by Transfermarkt.

transfermarkt table
Table with the cost of the Mexican League templates

The data however, contrast with those managed in Europe. The largest budget in the Mexican league is equivalent to that of a half table team below the Premier League or the Spanish League. The teams with the lowest budget could be compared to that of a second division of half board.

If we compare it with the giants of European football like Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern, Juventus, Manchester United and the new rich PSG or Monaco, the differences are even more bulky. Only the signing of Cavani far exceeds the highest budget in the Mexican league. Real Madrid and Barcelona handle more than ten times on budget. Nevertheless, the show is served

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