The most expensive signings in the history of Valencia

The most expensive signings in the history of Valencia
Negredo the most expensive signing in the history of Valencia although his career has been in decline in recent years.

Who are the most expensive signings in the history of Valencia? This question, it will make many of the fans club Valencia especially after the arrival of Peter Lim to power Mestalla club and Pay Millions (do not know whether successful or not) in certain players. That's why, in Colgados want to tell you who the most expensive signings in the history of Valencia.

1-Alvaro Negredo: you are right, Negredo it is the most expensive signing in the history of Valencia CF over 30 millions. All this despite the fact that in his first season played on loan at Mestalla club and for the second, Valencia Lim did not hesitate to exercise the option to purchase just over 30 million that it was on the front. In his first year he made 5 goals in all competitions and in his second, He is defenestrated by Nuno who crossed him for some statements by the forward. Not expected to be a good operation for Valencia, at least for now.

2-Rodrigo Moreno: another man Lim is the second most expensive signing in history for a similar amount of Negredo, 30 millions of euros. In his first season he did not materialize or to make a big campaign. Nevertheless they were paid the 30 millions. Unlike Negredo, if it had to Nuno until he was seriously injured.

Rodrigo cost 30 millions of euros.
Rodrigo cost 30 millions of euros.

3-Joaquin Sanchez: the feints and sprint failed to materialize at all in Valencia at least not as if made at Betis, Malaga and even Fiorentina. In 2006, the table and then headed Juan Soler, He decided to release 25 million euros for the player who was the star Andalusian Betis. It was up 2011 in Valencia when it was sold by 4 million euros to Malaga.

4-Enzo Perez: otros 25 million cost this Argentine also made in Lim, Mendes and Nuno. He arrived in the winter market 2015 and he did not get to curdle good performances, at least to justify the amount paid by him. Good player, It expected much more from him not only for the price of his transfer.

5-Pablo Aimar: one valencianista idol who dedicated their own song, a player who was present at best Valencia in history, the one of the 2 Sporting doublet 2004. He came in 2001 when there were still pesetas and paid Valencia 3500 millions of old Spanish currency by the. He she left 5 years later in 2006, thus it is one of the most beloved players by the fans of Valencia.

These 5 are officially the most expensive but also and especially in recent years, Valencia also released a fortune for players like Abdennour (20 millions), Manuel Fernandes (18 millions of euros), Ever Banega (almost 20 millions), Zigic (15), Save Crossbow (12), Di Vaio (12), Tavano (10), ArielBurrito” Ortega for which he paid 1700 million old pesetas and even some of those rare Carleto type, Rio Vinicius Araujo. They all came out frog.

The opposite side were signings like David Villa laying paid about 12 million and the Otamendi, of some 15 since both were sold to Barcelona and City respectively by figures close to 40 millions of euros.

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