Classic Regio, one of the most intense of America

Classic Regio, one of the most intense of America

Tigres and Monterrey, Felines and Striped…Classic Regio. The match between the two teams from the Mexican city of Monterrey in more than just a citizen rivalry in a match in which their hobbies also play, considered the two best fans in Mexico for many, among them, we include them in our list of the best hobbies in Mexico. A classic that also faces two of the most expensive teams in Mexico.

Classic Regio, one of the most important derbies in Mexican soccer

A confrontation that is already one of the most reputed and disputed classics in America. A classic Regio historically very even but it has had very outstanding moments. One of them could be 1996 when Monterrey, he gave the lace to the bad season of Tigres winning the Royal Classic of that year and condemning the cats to the descent. A fact that the striped fans celebrate every year as if it were an ephemeris of the club itself.

To give you an idea of ​​the rivalry, the local team, Monterrey, played the song by Laura Pausini over the public address system “he went” to remind their neighbors that they were leaving for the second category of Mexican soccer after many years in the elite. Although they say that revenge is served on a cold plate and that must have been the fans of Tigres when four years after that game that condemned them to go down, endorsed a tremendous win by 6 goals 3 to his eternal striped rival.

The Regio Classic has become one of the most exciting in America.
The Regio Classic has become one of the most exciting in America. PHOTO: Google

But nevertheless, the result was canceled due to an improper alignment and the game had to be repeated, ending in a zero draw. But Tigres was hell-bent on avenging the affront and 2004, in the Opening Tournament, He was going to thrash Rayados again for 6 goals 2 in which is officially (not counting the annulled), the Royal Classic with the most goals in history.

The first goal in a Classic Regio

Officially, the first goal in a Regio Classic was scored by Juan Ugalde Pazos, Tigers player at that time in the classic 1 played in 1974. But nevertheless, the classic existed 0 played in 1960 when both teams, They played in the second category of Mexican soccer and that would end with the rise of Monterrey and what led, that both teams did not see each other again until 14 years later.

One thing that never lacks between 2 Mexico's best hobbies is the colorful.
One thing that never lacks between 2 Mexico's best hobbies is the colorful.

Jesús Arellano is the player who Regio Classics has played in history. With the Rayados shirt, lived 31 matches. Very closely he stayed Tomas Boy, feline idol who played 26 defending the Tigres sheepskin coat. There have also been many players who have lived the game from both sides, such as the international Aldo de Nigris, Antonio's brother, player who passed away in Greece in 2009 and who went through the ranks of Villarreal or the mythical “Loco” Abreu. By the way, both scored with both shirts. In short, an exciting match, one of those quotes that raise passions. An appointment that in Colgados we always follow with attention.

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